Monday, February 20, 2012

Pelican Sketch and Sun - Up and Down

I'm really enjoying my vacation, doing lots of walking the beach, working out in the gym, trying new foods and just enjoying the hubster's company. I am trying to do a quick sketch every once in awhile and I have one to share with you. It is a pelican in flight - hope you like it.

I've been capturing the sun again - sometimes in the morning.....

Sometimes in the evening.....

Moody skies.....

And the walkway to the beach....

It is another beautiful morning. I spent an hour in the gym - treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, and hanging leg lift machine. The hubster is in the gym right now and we are going to walk the beach when he is done there.

I don't know for sure what we are doing today - we laid low all weekend because the island was hopping because of the Mardi Gras parade and related festivities - and it is Presidents' Day weekend. We are really spoiled with the quietness here in the month of February. We get really possessive of the place and want everyone else to stay away. Selfish, I know, but that is how it is.

I've joined Transformation Nation with Dr. Oz, went to Weight Watchers for my official weigh in - delighted to find that with all the $2 margaritas and fried seafood I've only gained 2 pounds - I am working on losing them each weekday morning in the gym and the beach walks can't hurt either.

A couple of my internet friends are experiencing life changing things - the death of a dear mother, a mother in critical condition - my heart goes out to them and to all of you who are dealing with the sadder side of life. I feel fortunate to have my Mother doing quite well at 87 years of age.

I hope you are doing well and that you are finding time for yourself and your creativity today.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Zoë Sketch and More Pix

It was a cold, blustery weekend so we pretty much stayed in except for a car trip out to Fort Dickens yesterday afternoon. While I was lounging indoors I attempted a couple of sketches. I am quite pleased with the one of Zoë.

While I was looking up a crossword answer about a composer/poet/playwright, I came across a very interesting picture of a man with a long face and very full lips that I thought would be fun to try to sketch. Unfortunately, the info doesn't appear with the picture, so even though I spent way too much time trying to find it again online, I am unable to identify him, but here he is anyway.

I really didn't capture him all that well, but decided to share anyway. If I ever run across him again, I will make a note of who he is and let you know.

I also have some lovely pix to share. It is beautiful here even when it is cold.

It is supposed to be in the high 50s today and then return to the mid-70s. I just finished my hour in the fitness room and am enjoying my first cup of coffee. We are planning to do a bit of running today and will probably stop at Joe Patti's for some shrimp and maybe some fish fillets as well. I may buy some of their gumbo to bring home.

I will try to do some more sketching once I spend some time watching the videos that I've downloaded on my iPod touch from iTunes University.  I have one on life drawing that has 3 videos and a class on drawing that has 9 videos. I've had to cancel lots of apps to have room for these, but I think it is worth it. These apps still live on my desk top computer at home and can be reinstalled whenever I find the room for them. I knew I should have bought the 32 GB instead of the 8 GB, it was only $100 more and would have been totally worth it. Ah, hindsight.......

I hope you are safe and warm and are finding time for your creative pursuits,


Friday, February 10, 2012

Sketches, Sun Up, and Dolphins

I didn't get up very early this morning, but when I did arise (I was up late reading a good book), the sun was presenting a very pretty picture from the balcony.

It is a little cool today and the waters are pretty calm, which seems to be just right for seeing dolphins cavorting fairly close to the shoreline. Unfortunately, they were quite far away from me so that even with my long lens I couldn't get great pix, but I do have a few to share with you. If you click on them you will be able to see them better.

And I have a couple of quick sketches to share. I haven't been sketching much, but when I have it has been a pleasure. I think I may have to work on these again to try to do a value sketch perhaps.

I remembered to get valentine cards into the mail for my grandgirls today and am looking forward to hearing their reaction. It is so special to get mail, especially when you are young.

I gave in to a craving for bratwurst for dinner yesterday and am paying for it today. I know better than to eat greasy, spicy meats in bread, but I must say they were delicious. I served them with baked sweet potatoes and garlic spinach.

I hope you are enjoying these days as they continue to get just a bit longer (at least in daylight hours) and that you are finding time for yourself and your creativity.


Monday, February 6, 2012

A Bit of Art and Vacation Pix

I've missed you, but am totally relaxed and taking each moment as it comes, which is the only way to be when you are on vacation. I am on the Gulf of Mexico on Santa Rosa Island - Pensacola Beach to be exact. It is beautiful and the condo we are staying in is exceptionally appointed.

I did a sketch of a lovely shell that resides in a bowl under the TV shelf. It is not my best, but I decided to share it anyway.

I am planning to do more sketching and perhaps a watercolor or two while I am here, but for now I am acting like a lazy feline, lying about and doing as I please. I am, however, making a visit to the workout room first thing in the morning during the week (I take weekends off) and doing my morning jog. I am also walking the beach at least twice a day, so hopefully I will not turn into a fat cat while on vacation.

I wanted to share with you a selection of photos I've taken while I've been here. I've not seen a good sunset yet - too cloudy, but do have one clear sky photo to share. The thing is as the sun got closer to the horizon, so did the clouds obscuring it - go figure.

Surfers - believe it or not!

I hope to see you again while I am away. I am reading your blogs and enjoying your art tremendously. I am also really enjoying the books you are making in A.R.T. I haven't been good about leaving comments. I am truly being a lazy feline.