Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Health Update and A Wee Bit of Art

So, I spent the first eight days after suffering a constant white-hot, searing pain in the back of my hand, and the medicine was just not getting ahead of it. Yesterday the cast was removed to find a severe tendinitis in the back of my hand. A stronger anti-inflammatory was prescribed and a splint has replaced the hard cast. This leaves the affected part of my hand pretty much unwrapped. I am still experiencing a good bit of pain, but is not so searing and the medicine is able to quiet it a bit.

My dear in-laws sent a lovely bouquet to me. I wasn't able to get the right perspective when I photographed it because I had to set the camera on a stack of magazines in order to hit the shutter release.

I attempted a loose left handed sketch but my eye level was further up than this camera angle.

The scribbles on the right are courtesy of my youngest guest, Miss Z.

I've been trying to stay up with your blogs and they are adding bright spots to my long days. It is such work to leave comments that I haven't been, but I do want all of you to know how much having your stories to read and your art to look at has meant to me as I work on my recovery.

It feels really to post to my blog, but it has worn me out.

Til next time.....



  1. do look after yourself sounds painful ....and stay off the computer LOL

  2. Hope your hand is progressing nicely. Your flowers are lovely, so bright and cheery.

  3. love the sketch - and really hope your hand is much better very soon.

  4. In time it will be back to good until then do whatever it takes to stay happy.

  5. Lovely flowers, I hope your hand heals quickly!

  6. What happened to your hand? Did you have a fall? Sorry to hear you were in such pain. Hope you're on the road to recovery now. Missed seeing your posts.

  7. Oh, take good care of yourself and don't worry about comments.
    Lovely flowers!! Rest and heal. *love and hugs*

  8. Sending ove and healing thoughts your way Vicki! X0

  9. You sketch was quite good. I had tendonitis and it's one of those things that just take time. Not reinjuring it is the key. Sending + energy to you.