Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Journal Spread 3

I've finished (perhaps except for a bit of enhancing doodles) my next spread in my journal. This page is all my own art, including stamps, except for the flower stencil I used for the bottom of the right hand page. While I really like the format of Martha's journaling spreads, I am going to try to use only my own art from now on.

I had most of the little girls over the other night. Miss P brought her friend, Mary. I got them set up at the dining table with markers, magazines and blank notebooks. They had a ton of fun cutting and pasting.

The hubster alerted me to this visitor in the north yard this morning. He didn't stay for long - I probably made too much noise lifting the blinds and getting into position for a photo op. I did manage to get one good shot.

I may have to use him as a model for my next journal spread. I may do a horizontal switch so that he is facing the other way though as I think I want him to be on the inside of the right hand page. We'll see.

What are you doing today? I've been visiting some of my favorite blogs, but am not always able to leave comments - my internet connection is slow and at times intermittent. I must say that I am enjoying my visits, though.



  1. How lovely to get so close to the heron!

  2. How nice to see a Great Blue Heron in your yard! Lucky you. They are amazing birds, can keep one pose for long periods, searching the waterway for a little morsel.

    Are you no longer doing watercolors? On to wider horizons?

  3. Actually, Joan, I am taking a water class with Helga Flowers in early September and am planning to continue playing with them afterward. I think a class is just what I need for a jump start!

    Thanks for your continued interest and support,