Monday, July 11, 2016

A Visit from My American Family and Friends

The day after I arrived home from my visit to Michigan, I got up and stripped my bed, washed the bed linens and hung them on the line. I then made the bed using the second set of sheets that were clean and folded in the hot press.

I had my usual late morning with coffee with Sarah and then wandered around town waiting to hear that they were in Ireland. Their flight was a bit late, but they were expecting to get to Wexford by bus around 2 pm. I met them at the bus station here in town and escorted them the short distance to my place. They considered taking a nap, but decided they'd adjust quicker if they tried to sleep at the regular night time here. We went out to lunch at Simon's where we met Sarah. We each had some variation of soup and sandwich and then walked around a bit. We then came home and played some Farkle and ate cookies with tea for dinner.

We all had a good nights' sleep and then met John and Sarah and our driver, Greg, out front at 8 am. On the first day of the tour we went to Enniscorthy to the 1798 museum and Vinegar Hill and then stopped at Curracloe Beach and the Wildfowl Sanctuary before heading to the Wren's Nest for fish and chips and a pint. What a fabulous day. I know I took photos while we were touring, but am having trouble finding them.

Atop Vinegar Hill

On the second day of our tour we went to Johnstown Castle, Tintern Abbey and the Hook Lighthouse. Again a lovely day, except for the clutch trouble Greg had with the vehicle, but he seemed to know just how to take care of it. We had a delicious lunch at Templars Inn before heading back to Wexford.

Tintern Abbey

Walled Gardens

Hook Lighthouse

Johnstown Castle

I hate to admit it but much of the time the girls were here is a blur. We had a trip planned to London, but they went off without me when my ankle proved too much. I've been referred to a orthopaedic specialist at Beacon Hospital in Dublin and my local GP didn't think I should plan to be away. As it turns my appointment is not until 11 August, but I think it was good to give my ankle a rest.

The girls had a blast in London, which included, but was not limited to, Sue getting locked in the loo at the place where they were staying; a hop on hop off bus tour of the city; and a cruise on the Thames. They then took a train to Pembroke, Wales, where they spent a night before returning to Ireland via a ferry. They all seemed to think the ferry ride was the high spot of their trip.

For the rest of their stay we pretty much walked around Wexford (except for the day John and Sarah took Judy and Sue to Enniscorthy to see the sights and have lunch) having our main meal at lunch time at various restaurants in town followed by cookies and tea for dinner. What could be better.

I hope the girls had as good a time as I did while they were here. Looking forward to Anne coming back in a couple of years to see me and for us to explore a bit of Europe together.....  

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  1. Loved following the pictures, I don't believe I've ever had the pleasure of meeting you! Aunt Irene had so many kids I don't remember all of you, but Anne is my godmother, so I do remember her. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time!! ~Nicole Vallier Garen