Monday, May 24, 2010

I'll Soon Be Back

Hi all (if anyone is actually reading this after my long absence!).

I am still at my Mom's in St. Ignace, but am planning to be home in early June and am hoping to get back into the art/blog habit.

I have been experiencing withdrawal in a very BIG way these couple of months. I have lots of art planned and can't wait to get back into it. I am in the middle of a watercolor pencil online class, but haven't been keeping up due to my absence. When I finally get a chance to try out some of the lessons, I will surely share them.

Here is my latest picture of my youngest guest artist. When I get home I will share some of her art with you too.

I am so looking forward to spending more time looking at your art and getting back into this wonderful community that I have been away from for far too long.



  1. Yes, we're still here! It's good to hear from you, Vicki.

    My DH and I just got back from OH visiting his sick mom for 3 wks. I can empathize with how hard it is to keep to your normal routine.

  2. Vicki-we've missed you on sketchbooks--look forward to your return.

  3. I'm a tad behind myself. I've missed you and can't wait to get together. Your darling is darling, and your photo is beautiful. hugs,nancy

  4. I've been MIA too, so glad I haven't missed too much. Look forward to catching up with you when you get back. xx

  5. r2xo3brI Hi! Glad you posted. Think of you everyday. ((( Circle of Hugs))) Enjoy! All that you are doing.