Monday, April 19, 2010

Guest Artist and My Zendoodle

When my little artist arrived I got out the elephant picture and a plain sheet of paper for her and showed it to her. She said, "Do I have to draw the same picture? Do I have to draw an elephant?" Of course I told her no that it was just a project idea. She immediately began her picture. I think you can see some of the elements from my elephant picture, but she wanted to draw a lion instead.

Here is her picture. I think I like it better than my elephant.

And while she was drawing her masterpiece, I worked on my current zendoodle. Here it is. I think it is done:

I am writing this Friday evening as I finish up my packing and I am trying for the first time to have this scheduled to show up on Monday morning, by which time I will be up  north at my Mom's house. It will be interesting to see if it gets posted as scheduled.

I will try to stay in touch and will try to get some art done.



  1. Wow--two masterpieces!! Your zendoodle is great and I just love children's drawings!!!-they are so creative and free!!

  2. It got posted! I think her lion looks ferocious with that rough grin.

    Your zendoodle looks wonderful. Hope you are having fun being with your mom.

  3. The Elephant and the Lion should be framed side by side. They love each other in the wild. In an odd sort of way.

  4. Payton's drawing is wonderful! I love the bright colors and the complexity of it. She's learned so much from working with you. Your zentangle is really good - I agree - it's finished. Well done (again), my friend. hugs, nancy

  5. Your Zendoodles are so beautiful. I love how you can stare at them and see so many different things in them as you do.

  6. Beautiful! Work. Should hang them side by side.