Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Where is Spring?

It is raining in the high 30s today, so much of the snow is melting, but they are forecasting wet snow overnight. I am so over it!!!

Since returning from Florida I've been cleaning and spending time with my two and the grandgirls. I've also been going to the Y a few times a week. I am planning to take a class called Muscle Max later today. But for this morning I spent a bit of time in the art room sketching and working in my repurposed book.

This is what I have:

Last night I got out the journal with graph paper that I was using for a class with Martha Lever called Lollapalooza. This one needs more design and words.

I have several handmade wood pieces from a brother-in-law that reside in my living room. I got out my Pitt Pens and tried to render each one. I can see I'd better get back to drawing something every day as I am losing my edge.

I hope you are finding time for your art and that your Muse is at your side.......

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  1. Spring is officially on vacation. We have been having crazy weather in New York...cold one day....warm the next....AHHHHH!
    I know if I don't sketch something... I lose my edge too! Glad to hear your back! Happy Creating.