Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Trying a Watercolor Portrait

A couple weeks ago, Nancy and I met with a friend to sketch him. He is a very good model. He sat very still. I did three attempts. In the first attempt I liked the the eyes and the beard, in the second, I liked the hair, and in the third I thought I came closest to capturing his likeness. I tried three times to upload the pencil sketches, but each time they just showed up as a blur.

Today I tried sketching a composite of the three in my foreign language repurposed sketch book and used watercolor to finish it.

I don't love it, but I think it is not all bad. I think I want to try more portraits with watercolor, but make by colors more varying in tone. I think when it dries I need to add a bit more beard and inside ear to clarify. Do you think I should work at it with a fine line black pen? or leave it alone?

I've been glued to the tv watching tennis and was thrilled both when Ana beat Serena and when Radwanska beat Azarenka. So looking forward to watching the Li Na/Eugenie Bouchard match and then the Cibulkova/Radwanska match. From here it looks like it is anybody's trophy to win.

What have you been up to? 



  1. I can't give critical comment...I don't see a think wrong with this painting. Keep up the good work.

  2. This is great, don't do anything else!

  3. I wish that I had had someone standing next to me to tell me to stop on my latest addition to the 2nfro sketchbook! I think this looks terrific! Maybe darken inside the ear and then leave it alone. I have to tell you, I've ruined many sketches lately by trying to ink them after I've sketched in pencil and watercolored. Everyone is always saying 'ink!'...I do it, then suddenly I don't like my sketch anymore! To me it makes everything look cartoonish. So, I'm going to stick with pencil from now on. Anyway, my ink pens are always running dry when they are almost brand new still.