Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another Birthday and Inchies

Today is my brother Mike's birthday. He is now officially one year older than I am. I must remember to call him later. I'm not sure he is an early riser and don't know if he works today, but will catch him some time.

I have finally cut apart my doodle into inchies. The theme is black and white and I had to keep reminding myself of that as I wanted to put a spot of color into each one. Sorry, the picture is a bit blurry. I think they turned out pretty well.  What do you think? Would you be happy to get one of these in your mail?

I had such plans for the day:

- walk the treadmill
- do the laundry
- put on loud music and clean house
- go through Spring clothes and see what fits
- do some art
- whatever

BUT, just got a call from my daughter. She doesn't have anyone to watch the baby or get the first grader off the bus, so my plans will have to be put aside. Of course, watching that little one is mostly a joy, so after the initial disappointment all was fine. And the first grader will be riding a bus to my house instead of being dropped off at her house, which would mean that I would have had to pack up the baby and drive in to meet her.

I will be able to walk the treadmill before she arrives and can certainly do the laundry while she is here. She will probably want to help and it will be fun, but it limits what I can do because I like to have her help, but some jobs just become WAY too complicated.

The hubster is getting on the treadmill right now, so I will go get a bit to eat so that when he is done I can do my workout.

Better go! I hope to see you tomorrow.



  1. Of course I would be delighted to get one of these! And, lucky you to have the baby for the day .... you know where My baby is. Have a wonderful day - I know you cherish the time you have with the girls. hugs, nancy

  2. What a great idea--to cut one of your doodles into inches. I really like them!!!

  3. Well you have a busy day and a Guest artist in-residence later in the day? Sounds like fun. Enjoy! Loved the Cut Up Zentangle.
    It is well done.

  4. The cut up zentangle worked great. Yes, I would like getting one of these if I were in an exchange. Black and white is hard to do for me and I've made many inchies so I know they can be hard to fit stuff on. Many people use stamps and doodads but I don't always have some to go well on an inch. I've done something like you have here many a time.

  5. i love the zentangles as inchies!

  6. The inchies are great! Like you, I would be tempted to color them in. I think (chalk) pastels would be the perfect contrast. Wouldn't they be charming on the front of a card?

    Making tiny inchies is a real design challenge. Doing a larger zentangle and cutting into inchies was absolutely inspired!

  7. Great idea...I often make larger pieces and cut them into ATCs...this is a perfect way to accent them too!