Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Little Art

I've decided that I have to just jump in and start drawing, so I found a sketch that I liked and decided to try to "copy" it. I still haven't learned to just do a piece of a drawing and work at that before going on. That is something I am trying to teach myself.

For now, here is the original:

And here is my first attempt:

It is pretty clumsy and heavy handed, but I think if you couldn't look at what I was trying to copy, it would look okay. My goal is to try again until I get the look of the original.
I had intended to start with one little piece (say, the eye) and just work on that the first time I sat down to draw it and then add something at the next sitting. Once I got the pencil in my hand, though, I totally forgot about doing it in pieces and tried to draw the whole thing in one sitting.

I really need a drawing class!



  1. Hey, Vicki - You've made a great start on this! I would suggest that rather than starting the whole thing over, if you want to keep working on it, take out your eraser and correct the things that bother you about it. You have made a wonderful beginning and the "bones" of it don't need much tweaking. Then start with the shadows and go from there. Every time I go back to one of my drawings I see something that needs to be corrected. Sometimes I can't correct it without doing the whole drawing over, in which case I just deal with it and keep on going, trying to replicate the reference source the best I can. I'm so proud of you! You've come a long way, baby!! hugs, nancy

  2. Vicki, don't be hard on yourself! You should see my drawing -- wouldn't even come close to looking like a woman, I fear! I tried something new the other day to help me grow into drawing (I don't know if I'll ever succeed, but I want to have fun trying): I took one of my own photos and with a pencil traced over the lines of my hair, nose, mouth, lips, jaw, etc. Then I put another piece of paper on top and transferred (scratching on the other side of my photo) those marks. I scanned the results and hope to now practice "drawing" in that tracing kind of way. I know, I'm a newbie to things like transferring, but oh well, I'm having fun!

    See you online in the Claudia watercolor class soon!

  3. I think you are doing a great job. Just keep on doing it. Go ahead and touch up where you don't like it. Remember a pencil can be used on it's side for broader strokes which is what it seems they did in the original (I wonder if it was done with charcoal). Overall you've done very well and you say this is your first time trying this? You did great! I know what you mean about thinking what you want to do and then having the project take over but hey, if you get into the drawing just do it all!

  4. Hi Vicki
    Welcome back. Good luck with your sketching. Have you been following Nancy Taskers blog. She is choosing different artists to copy also. I think its a great way to learn different styles.

  5. Hi Janet,

    Yes, I am trying to do something similar to Nancy's idea. She is a dear friend whose talent I covet and whose friendship I am thrilled to have.


  6. I don't think you need to start over. As Nanke said, the bones are good. And actually when doing figures, it's best to sketch the whole thing and then tweak it. That way you have something to compare your lines with. This is a very good start and it has lots of potential. :)

  7. A wonderful 1st! Love the idea of copying a classic portrait. Drawing the face is so difficult for me!

  8. Looks like a good start to me. Have you tried looking at both drawings upside down, then making adjustments upside down as well? It helps one get a fresh perspective.

  9. hi vicki fellow criminal :)

    it is fascinating to see your effort and improvement here. the only suggestion i have is to soften her chin, round it up a bit before her neck begins.

    don't you love all these helpful comments? what a community we are.