Monday, February 1, 2010

February - The Longest, Shortest Month

We are already a month into 2010 and I'm not entirely sure how we got here. It is 8º F and the creek in the back yard is frozen over. The moon is still almost full and so looking out the west windows while making coffee, I see the reflection of it on the ice on the creek. And as I make my way to my computer in the art room, I see the peachy, red-tinged sky that is the harbinger of the morning sun. This has to be my favorite time of day.

I have a few things to get in the mail today and the hubster wants to go to Michael's to look for ideas for plugs in the cribbage boards he is making. I think if he twists my arm I may go with him. I have to take the cake pan back to the daughter as tomorrow is the hubster's birthday and I have a feeling that German Chocolate Cake is planned as the next creation.

I also have to go to a card store to get the hubster and my brother, Mike, birthday cards. Mike's birthday is on the third and I have caught up to him until then. Interestingly, when he turns 59 on Wednesday, he will "catch up" to our sister, Molly, until she turns 60 on March 6. I swear my Mom was pregnant most of her childbearing years.

I have done an initial sketch of my Mom. I am not very pleased with it other than to be pleased that it does look like an older woman. So far all my attempts at faces look ageless. I am planning to do a series of these sketches until I get a bit more of a likeness. I will share each iteration with you.


I have to walk the treadmill this morning; do some laundry; go to Michael's; get some obligations and some mail art in the post; clean house a bit; sketch Mom iteration2; prepare for guests (Dana and the girls) for dinner; and clean the refrigerator.
It sounds like a busy day and I've just begun on my first mug of coffee. I'd better go!

Hope to see you again tomorrow. I hope you know how much you are appreciated.



  1. It's a great start on your mom. I just know she's going to love what you do. The sky was especially beautiful this morning - it's my favorite time of day, too! Gotta run... hugs, nancy

  2. Happy belated birthday! :D I´m an Aquarius baby too. :)

    Your mom´s sketch definitely looks like a mature woman.

    With so many birthdays and creations in February, a picture a day will be no problem for you. :) Have fun and thanks for stopping by at my cyberplace!

  3. I saw this sketch in my Google reader as a thumbnail before clicking over here. I thought right away, "She really captured her mom." You did get something of her. Good job!

    It rained here all night. It's not supposed to rain this time of year. Now the dogs will track mud all over - but the garden will be lovely and green ;-)

  4. A good try of the sketch of your mother. She has a lovely smile. Well Done! :)

  5. "HEART" art indeed.. - Nice depiction:)

  6. Faces can be very hard. I'm impressed with this one of your mother!

  7. Vicki:
    I can help you with your drawings - maybe you can help me get my blog to look as cool as yours does.
    I think the picture you did of mom is good - but I haven't seen mom. I'll give you a challenge for your next drawings to see if you can get closer to where you want to be.
    Your doing well with the lines, shapes etc. The next time you study a face, I challenge you not to only look at those things but look at the shadows. Attempt to draw a nose and lips by the shadows and shadings which appear on a face instead of drawing a line. Lips can be defined by the shadows above, below and in between rather than drawing a mouth. same thing with a nose. Learn how to shade things, instead of coloring them.
    My mom taught me to draw when I was young and I draw more with my fingers than with the pencil, pen crayon etc. That means getting them dirty and smearing some medium around!

    Good luck, let me know if you accept the challenge!
    Lori N - MIABA