Friday, September 25, 2015

Day 2

Up around 7, had a shower and went down to breakfast where I ordered oatmeal with toast and jam and a pot of tea. Michael called the oatmeal porridge and it was quite different from my idea of oatmeal. It was quite wet and there was no evidence of oats, just a goopy mess. I added a bit of fruit and brown sugar and it was tolerable, but I won't be ordering it again.

I walked about town again and stopped at Dunnes to pick up some essentials

Oops, the cookies were an extra, but they jumped into my basket when I went by so I took them home. I actually went there for shampoo, lotion and toothpaste. Just about everything was 1/2 off so I only spent 10 euros for the whole lot.

I brought those back home and and relaxed for a bit before deciding to head out for a walk and lunch. While I was walking an estate agent called to tell me she could show me an apartment at 2:30 in a complex called Redmond Cove. The area is just north of the train and bus station and is very close to the quay. 

I had lunch at Green Acres around noon. I had duck confit with mixed greens and beets. Fabulous, but much too pricey for my usual repast. The place was fabulously lovely and I enjoyed the experience very much.

While waiting for my appointment to see the apartment, I strolled about town and ended up on the quay - no surprise there. I met a woman walking her dog who frequently walked across the bridge and around the other side for a bit before walking back. She invited me to join her some time and I surely will.

The apartment was gorgeous, but a bit pricey. The deal breaker was that there is no balcony or any other outdoor space to hang laundry. I've been advised that indoor hanging is not recommended because it can lead to rot/mold.

I am looking at another apartment on Monday that may be more promising - it has a balcony, is quite close to where I am staying now, and is definitely in a more comfortable area of my price range. It has two bedrooms and two baths and from the pix I've seen online, is quite nice. I may have a place soon.

I must say I have been most fortunate to have chosen Michael's place to stay as he has been a font of helpful information. His employee, Mary, is also a charming and helpful lass. 

I haven't my fitbit app and won't have it until I find an apartment and open a bank account so that I can purchase an iPhone, but my fitbit band has been vibrating a good bit. Definitely getting my walking exercise these past two days.

Hope to "see" you tomorrow....

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  1. Sounds wonderful,Vicki!
    Glad to hear prices are moderate, and the scenery is so beautiful!'