Sunday, September 27, 2015

Wexford Town - Day 4

Had a pretty bad night. There was a Cycling Against Suicide group here for two nights, both bicyclists and motorcyclists. They were pretty quiet the first night, but last night they were pretty loud. I turned in around midnight at which time the first group returned - loudly! Got to sleep after a bit only to find that another group returned at 1, and at 2 and at 3. Needless to say I stayed in bed until 9:50, quite late for me.

Got up and showered and took myself down to breakfast where I had 2 eggs, sausage, grilled tomatoes, hashed browns, beans and toast and jam with tea. Quite lovely. I waited until the noisy cycling group left before heading out for my first walk of the day. I walked in a different direction today and found myself looking at evidence that it is Fall Autumn.

I took more pictures as I walked around town:


Also on my walk I crossed the Wexford Bridge again where I encountered a man throwing a ball into the water for his dog. I asked him how the water temperature was and made a nice comment about his dog which got him to come up to talk. He asked how long I was in Wexford for and when he heard my answer, he inquired what brought me to this town. In answering him I mentioned that my grandfather had been born in County Carlow and mentioned that his name was Michael Fenlon. Imagine my surprise when he told me he had a son who lives in Bagenalstown and is married to a Fenlon. Such a small world.

After returning to the b&b for a rest, I again went out walking for my afternoon "meal". I've gotten in the habit of having a pot of tea and a sweet for my midday meal. Today I returned to O'Brien's and had an apple tart with my tea. The best ever! Their tarts don't have a flour crust, instead they have some kind of cake bottom and top. Don't quite know how to describe it, but I wanted to lick the plate when I was done.

I changed $200 into €169.49 at the airport when I arrived and am just about out of euros. I've been advised to try to exchange money at the post office because they don't charge a commission like banks do. I will let you know how that goes when I blog tomorrow night.

Just returned from my last walk of the day and found that I had walked a good number of steps again today.

As you can see, I took three walks today with the longest one in the middle. That seems to be my pattern so far. I was thrilled when I came back to the b&b to find the internet was working again. I toasted myself a bagel (I bought some at Dunnes a couple of days ago to keep in the fridge in the common sitting room) and had that for dinner. I am set for the day.

Tomorrow I am hoping to see the apartment just down the block and if it is like it looks online, I will agree to rent it. If I did my calculations correctly it will rent for about $650. The beauty I looked at the other day was about $800 (about $100 over the top end of my budget).

I really need to get an apartment soon so I can do laundry. I am just about out of clothes. I have plenty of clean underwear and socks, but just about out of clothing. Trousers I can wear twice, blouses not so much.

I hope to have more of interest tomorrow since banks and realtors will be open. Cross your fingers that the apartment is what I want, then I just need to open a bank account, get health insurance and then take all this information to the Garda and see where I go from there.

So excited!!



  1. Wexford looks like a town . filled with nature's beauty. I was disappointed to hear you left but happy that you have much bountiful nature that one can see. Thinking you have such things around everything is so much exciting again!!

  2. Crossing my fingers for good things to be found in your apartment! Your walks look so inviting!! I'm wondering........when will you take a trip to Bagenalstown?? Look for blond kids with freckles!!