Monday, September 28, 2015

Day 5 - Last Night Reserved at the St. George B & B

Got up late - 8:10. Got around and went down to breakfast. I had two eggs, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, and toast with black currant jam and tea. Found that my fitbit battery was low so plugged in before heading out for the first walk of the day.

I went to the post office first because I was told they would give you the exchange rate, but not charge a commission. I had to wait in line for a bit, only to be told that they do not buy US, they just sell it. I had to go to a bank after all. Most of the banks open at 10 am, but the Ulster Bank opens at 9:30 (they say half nine here). I waited in a very short line for an available teller, but she couldn't get her computer to give her the latest exchange rate so I was asked to come back later. I walked around town until 10 and then went to AIB instead. I exchanged money with them at the rate of 1.1393 less a commission of 6.35. I then took some to the Ulster Bank just so I could do a comparison. They didn't give me a detailed print out, but they used the rate of 1.1504. I am guessing this reflected a commission of some type as well.

At any rate, I now had the cash to rent an apartment if the one I was being shown today was what I wanted at a rent I could afford. I walked back to the B & B and chilled for a bit. My fitbit was now fully charged so I wore it for the rest of the day.

My second walk of the day was around town and then to O'Brien's again for tea and a sweet. Today I had a rhubarb crumble. Fabulous!! Had to go for another to work that off. Browsed a bit in Dunnes and TKMaxx looking at bed linens and towels because some rentals do not include them. Then back to the b&b to await a call from Karol who was going to show me an apartment just down the road. 

She set up a meet at the apartment for 2:30 and I was blown away by it. I am going to try to do a video tour tomorrow and share it on Facebook. It rents for €650, which is just less than the $755 I was paying in Jackson.

The owner of the apartment just called to tell me that she is golfing tomorrow, but her husband can meet me at the place at 10:30. He will have keys and the lease for me to sign. I will hand over October's rent + one month's rent as security deposit. I will need to ask questions about how the gas and electric works and get info on internet access.

The first thing I will do after getting the keys is to walk down to Dunnes to buy laundry supplies and bed linens. I need to do laundry before I do anything else. I bought tea and shortbread this afternoon so I could have my first afternoon tea in my own place once I get the clothes hung out on the line. I have a very private courtyard and patio so I can even hang my unmentionables without prying eyes looking at them.

So step one will be completed tomorrow, then I just have to wait for notice from the electric, gas, or internet company addressed to me at my new place and I can open a bank account and purchase health insurance. Then to the Garda to check in with all my paperwork so that I will be given permission to stay. Yay!!!

Remember this record does not include my morning walk. I'm pretty sure I walked off that sweet that I had with my lunch at midday. I do think I am going to have to do more walking tomorrow to work off the steak and chips I had for dinner tonight though.

Hope to have pix and/or video of my new place tomorrow.


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