Friday, April 16, 2010

Birds and Packing

I am beginning to pack for my trip to my Mom's and am not sure how much or what kind of art supplies I am going to need. I do know that I will be downloading the next lesson in Marilyn's watercolor pencil class while at Mom's and I haven't done this week's lesson yet. I will try to get to that today. So I am thinking I will take doodling materials and watercolor pencils and brushes.

The first thing this morning when I got my coffee and came in to turn on the computer, there was a very loud buzzing noise that was louder than the sound of the computer coming to life. Imagine my surprise to find a ginormous bee flying around my room. Now, I don't know if you are aware of it or not, but one of my totally irrational fears is of stinging insects. So being the brave girl I am, I went out to the living room and asked the hubster to save me. He got a fly swatter and took care of it for me. My hero!!!

I am expecting the daughter to be coming out this morning (probably in a couple of hours) for coffee and hanging out a bit before going to work. Little miss 2 1/2 will be left with me for the day. Her 1st grade sister has an early release day today and the bus will drop her off at my house later. I am going to try to get some art done with her. I think we will attempt the elephant picture. Someone suggested that she trace mine, but she would never be happy with that. Instead, we will both draw from scratch using my drawing from the other day as our model. But we will feel free to make whatever changes we feel like. I try not to constrain her imagination too much.

I think the son and his 1st grade daughter are coming out later in the day (I think she has a full day of school today) for art and a hot dog roast if the weather cooperates. It will be a busy, but very pleasant day.

I do need to get packed this morning as I am planning to leave tomorrow morning so that I can have a good visiting day at my sister's while we get Mom packed up so she and I can leave on Sunday morning. The trip takes about 5 1/2 hours from my sister's house if you don't stop, but we will be stopping frequently to get the kinks out of our legs and to make bathroom stops. I am also planning to stop for a sit down, relaxing lunch on the way, so I am thinking if we leave around 8:30 am we will be to her house around 4:00 pm or so. Once we arrive I am only going to unpack the absolute necessities for the rest of the day and we are going to chill. Perhaps I can make a light soup with crackers for our dinner and we will have an early night.

For now, I have started a little doodle this morning that I hope to work on in between packing and such. Here is what I have so far:

I started with the bird in the lower left corner and then just made some random lines to get started. I'll show the progress I make as I go.

I am not sure how much internet access I will have at my Mom's, but will try to keep in touch. 



  1. Sounds like it will be a lovely day.

    Your birds are getting cuter and cuter - as well as more unique to you. Definitely finding your style.

    Have a good and safe trip!

  2. I like that little bird! Have a safe trip!!

  3. I would say pencils, pens and erasers! :) That's just me so don't bother. Nice sketch by the way, and wish you a safe and pleasant journey

  4. That looks like a great new doodle in the making. Have a safe trip.

  5. I love the bird you've started with.

    As far as supplies, take some different kinds of papers. Good paper seems to be the hardest art supply to get. Your watercolor pencils with some permanent pens will take you a long way as long as you have paper. Does your mom have a scanner? Or you a camera? Or can you take one? You need to be able to upload some pics while you are gone - we hope to see your work anyhow.

    Hope you have a safe trip. Having a sit down lunch on the trip sounds wonderful.

  6. I actually like this just the way it is now! Looking forward to seeing what you add next.

  7. I love the start on your latest piece! The bird is a real cutie. As for what to take, I usually take Micron pens, pencils & eraser, a small set of watercolors (but since you're taking the class, H20 pencils would be good, along with some sort of brush), and a sketchbook with good paper. I'll miss you - have a good trip and take care .... oh, and of course, let me know when you're back! hugs, nancy

  8. Have a great time Vicki! I can't tell you what to pack because I am the classic over-packer and never use half the stuff I pack. But if I don't pack it, it will be what I need at the moment! LOL. Have a safe journey.

  9. Have a grand safe trip. The bird is the cutest. Hope you downloaded some of the Crayola plans for the Visiting artist in your studio.

  10. What a great start on this! The overall image make me think of pheasants. Even though you haven't drawn that thing (sorry, don't know what I'm saying) on top of the birds head, it seems hinted at in the doodles to the right! Have a wonderful and safe trip!