Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm Back - But Not For Long

Life sure can get complicated. My sister, who lives next door to my Mom, is a sick woman. She seems to suffer from severe depression and has for as long as I can remember. Perhaps because of that and the fact that she smokes, drinks soda, and doesn't watch her diet and is sedentary (if she could she would spend all her time reading or sleeping), she also has physical problems. She thinks doing a load of laundry is a huge chore, hates shopping of any kind, and is usually unpleasant company. She thinks that because my Mom is 85 she should no longer care about taking care of herself, especially when it comes to eating wisely by avoiding sugars and sodium.

At any rate, she has decided she cannot help Mom out any longer. My Mom doesn't require a lot of help. She needs a bit of help showering, preparing meals, cleaning and doing the laundry. She is great company and loves to do crossword puzzles, play cribbage, yahtzee and other games, and has a great memory. This allows for great conversations. She loves it when she can get out of the house (she walks with a cane, but can't stand long). She enjoys second hand stores, grocery shopping, garage sales (if there is somewhere she can sit), eating out and visiting.

I have told my Mom that I will take her home (my sister took her to another sister's house before Easter) and stay with her until another sister gets out of school in early June. I will be able to have periodic internet access (I have to drive into town - about 8 miles) so will try to stay in touch. I am planning to take many art supplies and will try to do some art while I am away. But mostly I am going to enjoy my Mom's company and take her out whenever she wants to go.

Enough about my personal life.....

Here is a picture of the "Tin Can Alley" bots my friends made when we met in Ohio in March. I didn't finish mine yet, but will (probably when I get home from Mom's), but aren't these wonderful?!

And here are the zendalas that I started while visiting my Mom at my sister's house earlier this week.

The butterfly needs some work in the background, but that makes 3 of the 6 done. I am eager to finish this one and start on the rest.

I will post again when I have more to show you.


  1. Hang in there. Love the bots! Sorry I missed out.

  2. The bots are adorable and I can't wait to see yours. I'll miss you while you're gone. Take care and know I'll be thinking of you and your mom. many hugs, nancy

  3. Awww ... Vicki, God bless you for being there for your mom. She sounds like a wonderful woman.

    The bots are so cute! What will you do with them - besides smile when you look at them. Gosh, maybe that's enough :-D

  4. i love your little bots there really interesting neat use for those little tins

  5. Sorry to hear about your family troubles, I have very good friends and family members who suffer terribly with depression, it's an awful thing to live with, for them and for the families concerned . Hope things are resolved for you as soon as possible.
    Hope you finish your little bot too, the ones pictured are fab!

  6. Having gone through this with my mother, I am proud that you are helping her! And, having been the one that lived next to my Mom, I say, have tender sympathy for your sister. the one living next door sees and does many things the ones living away does not see. Perhaps the weightyness and responsiblity has become overwhelming... it did for me at times... not always, just at times. I hope your time with your mom goes well... you will never regret it!

  7. YOU will be very happy when mom is no longer with you and you can say you enjoyed her to the max while she was around! Being on intermittent internet could be a good thing. At least it would for me as I might actually get more art done! Will be looking forward to seeing all the art you get done in between conversations and crosswords and shopping trips....

  8. Love the zendalas!
    I am sure whatever you're doing right now apart from art, it's something you need to be doing.
    Speaking or lurking, I barely have time to even do that...hahahaha I mean, I NEED to get a job, and plus my father-in-law has been keeping me occupied with learning about the american systems and visiting every government offices available here. I wish I could take a deep breath and start to draw too, and as when I plan to do that...I see there are over 50 mails from EverdayMatters group...I just have to see all the works created ^^

  9. Lurking! How funny! Hope things improve for you soon. Your bots are great. Have lost of color and personality. The Ztangles are nice and colorful. Really nice. You can do Z-tangles at your Moms, Maybe Mom will try one for Us. Mother/Daughter Z-Tangles for Mom's day. Would that not be nice Mom, You, You Daughter and those visiting Artist at your studio. Now, I am looking forward to the Display.

  10. It sounds as though you are handling the situation well. You have a plan and another sister. Oh for a helpful sibling did I wish. Your zentangles will help to keep you steady. Hugs.

  11. Your zentangles are looking great. I love them. Splendid work

  12. Don't fret about us and art.Do what you can do when you can do it. Take care of Mom. She sound sounds like lots of fun. Enjoy her. Liked your post too.

  13. Sorry you are having these difficulties! Make the most of it though...more time with mom, more time for art, enjoy every moment!

  14. I an well relate to your Mom's situation and also to the multiple sister situation. If you ever need a "listening ear," email me at I'm no longer caregiving, but did it for a long time. Art saved my sanity and is healing my soul. I wish I'd known about zendalas!

    Sending love and energy,