Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dylan ATCs

I have spent the morning working on my Dylan Song Lyric ATCs for a swap through ATCsForAll and I must admit I am having a lot of fun. I thought I had them done until I went back to the swap page to check on the parameters of the swap only to find that the song lyrics had to be included, so I've added them.

At first I was just alluding to the lyrics by photos, drawings and collage. For instance, the train background with a woman laughing and then the definitions from a dictionary of laugh and cry were all I had on the "It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes A Train to Cry" card, but then added the lyrics.

I rather liked the more ephemeral reference to the songs rather than actually including the lyrics, but rules are rules after all.

I am not sure if they are completely done or if I am totally happy with them or if I will make more, but for now here is what I have:

As usual, I'd appreciate any input you have or any suggestions.

I am quite sad today as I am supposed to be leaving for Artiscape with several friends for three days of arty fun in Columbus, Ohio, but have had to cancel for a family emergency. I have emailed twice now to ask about any kind of refund, but have yet to get an answer. Sure hope my friends have a great time!

I've had my two mugs of coffee and a banana, spent a couple of hours in my art room working playing, and can not put off the treadmill any longer. The only question I have for myself is, "Shall I do 1/2 hour or go for it and do the entire hour?" The blister on my foot is almost healed and I am planning to put some moleskin inside my shoe at the point where the offense occurred to see if that will help.

I hope to see you tomorrow.



  1. The ATC's are great! I especially like the galleon and boots one. Sorry you are having trouble getting your money back and take care with that blister.

  2. I wish I had a clever Dylan quote to give you to tell you how much I like these, but I'm sooo bad at remembering lyrics. Suffice it to say that I think they're wonderful - they're clever, creative, well done, and interesting. I'm so sorry about your artiscape cancellation. I know how much you were looking forward to it. many hugs, nancy

  3. I like them. The third one is my favorite. I'm not that familiar with Dylan lyrics, but I love it when people get their muse from music!

  4. Very interesting indeed! I like the 3rd one the most too. I hope you'll have a good swap with these!
    Thanks for your comment on my demon kitten drawing. He's been more like double demonic stage these days. I guess after this it'd be lazy and dormant stage ^^

  5. They are all wonderful, very creative, I really like mix of printed material and drawing.

  6. I'm not a Dylan fan, so I'm actually glad you have to put lyrics on the cards. I like all three of them , but the train card is my fave from a layout standpoint.

  7. Very creative atcs! Wonderful!