Monday, January 13, 2014

A Bit More Watercolor

I joined the YMCA late last week, but have only been there twice so far. The first time I got an orientation on the weight training equipment and the second time I worked out in an aqua aerobics class. The hubster is in town running errands this morning including getting new tires on the car, so I will not be going to the class I was thinking of today, but I am planning to go to the Y when he returns. If there is a class I'd like to try, I will do that. If not, I will do the weight training circuit. My right knee, the one I call my trick knee, has been bothering me since I began running/walking on the treadmill, so I am babying it with ice and a support. I am hoping it will calm down soon. Yesterday I woke up with the most awful pain in my left jaw. I have struggled with TMJ most of my adult life, but haven't had an incident since I retired from teaching. It is thought that stress plays a role in it. Today it is feeling pretty good, so I have returned to a chewing diet and am counting points with the Weight Watchers app.

I spent a bit of time the last couple days playing again in the foreign language book that has become my go to spot for an art fix. I first applied clear gesso and let it dry before using watercolor. The titmouse looked really awful until I gave it a bit of fine tuning with the black fine liner. Now I don't think he looks too bad.

The vase needs some work. I think I will put a bit of design on it with either a black fine liner or a white one. I think it also needs a shadow and/or a table to ground it. What do you think?

When I took my hiatus from blogging, I also quit following so many of you, but have misplaced some of your blog addresses. It would be nice if you would check in here so that if I've lost you (or never found you in the first place), I could start reading you again.



  1. Lovely paintings, I think you're right about the shadow, but the vase still looks nice on the printed page.

  2. OH....clear gesso...I have some of that and I have never even used it! Great use of it here! Is yours especially made for watercolor? Looks so much better and easier than the pages I did without any gesso. On mine, the color instantly sank in and darkened. It was an ugly mess!

    1. I use just regular clear gesso. I pour it on the page and then spread it with a damp brush. I do find it easier to do watercolor on the clear than the white gesso.