Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year

And so it is 2014; another year has flown past.

My wrist is completely healed except for some nerve pain that can be quite distracting, but overall I am in very good health. I've made the usual "get in better shape" resolution and already have 5 one hour walks on the treadmill under my belt. My more important resolution is to do some kind of art everyday.

Here is my first attempt. I spent three days on it and am ready to move on to the next endeavor. After such a long absence from my blog, I feel like a beginner again. I hope that if you are still reading you will offer me some advice and/or honest feedback on my artistic attempts.

I haven't made a commitment to how many days to blog this year, but am hoping to find time to post at least once a week - perhaps more.

I did the bouquet first with watercolor and then added the vase. When I thought it was done, I went in with some Brushables to add some dimension.



  1. Hello Vicki! So good to see you again too! I think this turned out great! Personally I am afraid to commit to 'how many times' I'll post since every time I make that commitment, I break it. I know what you mean about feeling like a beginner again...I did keep painting for the most part and just wasn't taking the time to post...but every time I had a substantial break, I felt like I was back at square one! Good luck to us both this year! How big is this?

  2. er...I meant how large is the painting. I'm afraid when I reread that it wasn't exactly obvious what I meant!

  3. This is lovely Vicki, nice to see you back too!