Thursday, October 1, 2015

Update Week One

So I've been here a week and am feeling right at home. I've found so many helpful people and shops here. I've already gotten my favorite pair of black yoga pants shortened and have done laundry and had my toes done.

I've contacted the electric and gas companies and am just waiting for welcoming mail so I can go to the bank and open an account. Once I have a bank account, an iPhone is the very next purchase; actually the 5s comes free with the €60 per month plan, then I need health insurance so that I can register with the Garda so I can live here permanently if I so desire.

I'm getting used to my apartment and am trying to decide (but will probably have to wait until I get a few bills) whether it is more economical to heat water with electric or gas. I have an open fire (fireplace) and I bought 3 fire logs for €3 and some matches so the first evening when I am feeling too chilly, I'll light one and see how it takes the chill off. They are supposed to burn for 90 minutes.

I've finally remembered that I have to turn on outlets before appliances will work and that my refrigerator is very small with a minuscule freezer so I must adjust my shopping habits. So far I've made chicken stir fry and beef stew with root vegetables. They were both delicious and I have leftovers for a few lunches.

I am just one block from the library, the opera house and the art center. I'm looking forward to much entertainment in the coming months. I headed to the library this morning hoping for a 9 am opening, but they don't open until 10:30, so I am having breakfast (2 eggs, mushrooms, grilled tomato, beans, toast and tea) in a small place called Joanne's where there is free wifi.

I must tell you about my landlord - originally I was to meet the husband because Eileen was going to be playing golf, but she had a sinus headache the night before and had a rough night. She is a very lovely, friendly, gregarious lady. She is about 10 years younger than I am and accepted me with open arms. She brought some bed linens from another rental she used to have before she sold it - I was expecting to have to buy my own, and I will once I figure out my budget. She also gave me some towels to use until I can do some shopping. They are mismatched, but do I care?

After we took care of the lease and exchange of euros for keys, she actually walked to Dunnes with me to help me shop and to help me carry my supplies home. What a gem? So far my days are spent walking and browsing, and my evenings are spent reading or watching the tv. I need to find a guide so I know what is on. Rather fun watching Good Morning London, but it is too much like US tv in that it is more fluff than news, for example, they are up in arms along the Thames where George Clooney is renovating an old castle. They are tired of the noise and heavy equipment. Really? Is that news?

My courtyard/patio actually would look out at this except for the lovely growth that keeps my space very private. Very little noise here.

I am planning to do a bit of shopping for household things today. They have a shop called Eurosomething that is a bit like a Dollar General where I am hoping to find bathroom cleaner and a waste basket for the recyclable things and one for the bathroom.

I will be trying to keep up the blog while I am without wifi, but it may become an every other day event rather than a daily one until then.

Feel free to leave comments with questions if I am not giving you the right stuff.



  1. Loving your news!! How does the early Autumn weather compare to our Michigan temps?

    1. we are breezy and in the mid to upper 60s

  2. Enjoying your wonderful experience! Can't wait to read more! By the way, it's chilly here, too! What is the difference of dollars vs euros??

    1. The exchange rate changes daily, but the last I looked earlier today it was
      €1 = $1.05, actually better than the €1 = $1.18 when I arrived.