Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back from the great north woods

I am finally back from my Mom's and so happy to be home. I had a very nice, but very busy visit. We played lots of Yahtzee and cribbage and watched lots of Tiger games - most of which they won, I am happy to say. We didn't watch any hockey, but I am so pleased how the Red Wings are doing!

I didn't get any drawing done, but did lots of cooking including pea soup, zucchini bread and several snacks of homemade guacamole. Many of my sisters don't like guacamole, so Mom always anticipates it whenever I am there.

My mother doesn't need constant care, but cannot bend over to put her shoes and socks on; needs help taking a shower, cannot stand long enough to cook a meal, and needs help getting dressed and undressed. She had two shoulders rebuilt (they still hurt and her range of motion is not what it should be) and a hip replaced. However, she will be 85 in the Fall and can still answer more of the questions on Jeopardy than I can. She loves to work really hard crossword puzzles, too. She is VERY GOOD company!

While I was gone, my daughter and her little ones completed their move into their new house. That is not to say there is not still a lot of their stuff here, but I hope to make more progress tomorrow when they come over to help decide into which pile each of the room full of things goes. I am hoping to have a giveaway pile, a garage sale pile, and a "they are taking it with them" pile.

I spent 5 hours this morning cleaning out the closet in the little girls' room, the linen closet, the medicine cabinet in the main bathroom, the hall coat closet, my walk in closet and the laundry room. Now the only really messy rooms are the one that DD and the 6 year old shared (full to the brim with "stuff" to sort) and my art room.

I am planning to do more tomorrow.

I did take time to catch up on the crossword puzzles that I missed while I was away. The hubster saved the Thursday, Friday and Saturday puzzles as they are my favorites.

I am glad to be back and hope to get some art time tomorrow.



  1. Welcome back - I missed you.

  2. Thanks Brenda,

    It is good to be back. I missed you, too.

  3. Thanks, Chica!

    There's no place like home.

  4. sounds like a lovely trip! and how wonderful that your mom is still smart as a whip! :-) welcome home!