Friday, May 8, 2009

On the Road and A Mothers' Day Card

Just a quick note. I haven't posted much this week - it has been a full one. So much to do , so little time.

I am just about ready to hop in the car and start the 4 hour drive north to visit my Mom for the weekend. I hate the drive, but always have a good time with her once I arrive. There is bound to be construction on the way and Mom tells me that they are working on the Bridge as well. That more than likely means I will have to drive on the grating - I hate driving on the grating. It's extremely noisy and I feel like my tires are being pulled sideways. Good thing it is only about 5 miles from one end to the other - and the grate part is probably less than a mile long.

I made a quick card for my Mom last night for Mothers' Day. I think she will like it. Here is the front:

On the inside is stamped:

You are the tweetest

Well there is no sense in procrastinating any longer. I just need to get in the car and get moving. First I will take the glass cleaner out and clean my windshield. I think I am going to take back roads through Mason and East Lansing to Lake Lansing Road before getting on 127. Hopefully I will miss a good part of the early morning construction wait.

I'll get some good pix and will be sure to post on my return.



  1. I love your card, and your mom will too! Have a safe journey, my friend. hugs, nancy

  2. What a cute card!
    I love your bird!

    Hope your drive goes well...wish I lived closer to my Mom...

  3. Hope the drive is not too arduous. Wishing you a fantastic time.
    The card is lovely - so cute.

  4. Hope you had a lovely time with your mum! The card is adorable!!