Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Home Again, Home Again Jiggity Jig

I'm back and hoping to get to work on the 5 x 5 quote swap that is due at the end of the month.

I had a wonderful time at my Mom's - she really kept me busy. When I arrived I found she had an itinerary for me. My sister who lives next door doesn't like to shop (nor do I, but I love to take my Mom), so my Mom anxiously awaits my visit so that I can take her places. We went to the library, Hope House resale shop, the produce stand for birdseed, and then drove around the Boulevard, Point LaBarbe Road and Gros Cap Road. These three drives are along lake Michigan and are really beautiful.

This is the view as we drive along the Boulevard. Gotta love it!

When we got home, we played some Yahtzee and then my sister and her husband came over. He made chicken on the grill and boiled some red potatoes and we had peas with it. A great dinner, and he wouldn't let me do the dishes because he said I was on vacation. We watched the Tigers and they won. Go, Tigers!!

On Saturday, we began with breakfast at Bentley's Cafe and then drove to Hessel to my sister Molly's house. She joined us and we drove to Pickford to a resale/consignment shop. We spent about an hour there and then went to the resale shop in Cedarville. After that, we went to the lovely grocery store in Cedarville and then took Molly home. On our way back to Mom's, we stopped in at my sister Margaret's house for a visit. Margaret has MS and is totally incapacitated. She maintains a sunny disposition and gives great hugs. She weighs less than 100 and is unable to get herself out of her regular chair into her wheelchair and is alone much of the day. She is an inspiration to us all with her great attitude. Her husband, the wonderful Jeff, works long hours and has redone much of the house to make it sunnier and more updated. He also has gotten some chickens (for fresh eggs) and a couple of piglets.

Spent Saturday evening watching the Tigers again, and they won again! Go, Tigers!!!

Mom and I stayed up late both nights working crossword puzzles. I swear most of the girls in my family (there are 9 of us - and we have 5 brothers (John passed due to cancer last summer, but I still count him) are addicted to hard crossword puzzles.

On Sunday, my sister and her husband came over for their weekly brunch with Mom. They do all the cooking, but I talked them into letting me do the dishes. He does the cooking - we had pancakes, eggs, fried potatoes and bacon. Yummy! and special because I generally have Shredded Wheat and Bran with fruit for breakfast.

Mom and I stayed in on Sunday, but around dinner time, I went to town and visited with a couple of girls that I graduated from high school with - it was a blast, and an hour was never enough time, but I promised to get in touch again when I am up in June so we could get together again. On the way back to Mom's, I stopped and visited Aunt Therese for a short time.

I left for home after a cereal and fruit breakfast with Mom on Monday morning. The drive was uneventful and I was home shortly after 1 PM.

I am about to go in and spend an hour on the treadmill - I've missed my exercise. I think the girls are going to their Dad's today, so I am going to get serious about doing some art and hope to post something with pictures tomorrow (or maybe later today).

The kindergartner has a T-ball game this evening and Poppa and I are planning to attend. Then I want to stop by the new house and see how it looks with all the painting done and the carpet in. We are getting close to being empty nesters again. YAY!!!!!!!!!

That's it for now. Sorry if this long post bored you.



  1. Welcome home! Sounds like you had a great time with your Mom and your family.

  2. Not a bit boring - I'm glad you're back - we'll get together soon! hugs, nancy