Thursday, September 9, 2010

Photo of the Day and More Doodling

You've got to love this weather; a little chilly morning and night and cool and breezy all day long. I feel as though I've been reborn.

Today's photo is an old one that I love and I can hear this guy (or a relative of his) out by the creek often, but haven't been able to spot him yet this year.

He looks to me like he is having a great time and may even be telling jokes.

I think I told you that I am participating in a Tangle workshop online. Well, I made a couple of them yesterday, but think I misinterpreted the instructions. Still, I really like them and thought I might share them here.

The first one started with the sketch of a gingko leaf and then was randomly doodled. I hope you like it.

The other one is made from hearts that I used a stencil to draw. Then I doodled inside them.

I now think that I was supposed to make patterns from these shapes, not make these shapes and then doodle in them. I will have to work on that idea this weekend if I have the time. 

I am leaving in a couple of hours to go to my sister's house. We will play games and visit today and then I have a three day workshop with Joe Fettingis. I am so excited and I must admit I am also very nervous. I won't know anyone there and they will probably all have more experience than I do. But I am determined to learn a lot and am expecting the other participants to be friendly and fun.

I am not planning to take my laptop so don't know if I will be posting before I return home next Monday. Then again, my sister has computers so I may have something to show and tell about before I return.

For now, I need some more coffee and then need to eat a bite, pack some clothes and hit the road. I've already packed my art supplies for the workshop and the hubster made me an 18" x 24" plywood board to take with as instructed.

Bye for now.....



  1. Well, even if you got the assignment wrong, I like very much what you did in the shapes. I can't wait to hear how you liked the watercolor workshop! Have fun!! hugs, nancy

  2. I think your designs are really good and would like a blouse with the ginko leaf pattern..

  3. I love your zentangles - and good for you for taking a watercolor workshop. That should be a lot of fun and based on comments from a blogger friend of mine, Joe is a great teacher, so you'll learn lots.

  4. I agree with Nancy, the shapes and doodles are still good. I look forward to hearing and seeing what you do at the workshop, have a good time!

  5. Hahaha... that bird looked like he was in action ^^
    Nice zentangles by the way!

  6. Love the woodpecker(?), I think he looks like he's just had a great shock. Like you'd see in cartoons. Love the shapes you made, even if they weren't done quite right!

    Have a GREAT time!

  7. Oh, the bird is Mr. Belted of my faves. I love their chatter when in flight and the shade of blue is beautiful. If the bird has a rusty colored "belt" on the lower breast it's a female, males don't have a belt.

    Love the tangles even if you didn't follow the instructions...the outcome is good.

    I can't wait to hear all about the workshop...that you have a great time and learn lots. Don't be afraid...all those people started in the same place you the beginning.

  8. Everything you did Vicki, is Beautiful and well done as always.
    However, You are right. You are suppose to make patterns from the designs. Then begin the naming routine and to begin your on pattern filled Zentangle. Yes, The pattern can be Tangled from the pattern you created along with the other five patterns. Beautifully, done.