Thursday, September 16, 2010

Photo of the Day and WC Heron WIP

I hope you aren't tired of monarch butterflies yet. I have one more for you.

I went to my painting class yesterday in the afternoon instead of Monday evening. I much prefer the afternoon session. Yesterday I was there from 4 until about 6:30; the "class" runs until 7, but I was at a good place to stop and I was hungry. Joanne told me that if others were interested, the class could be run from 3 to 6. That would be ideal for me.

I took my heron sketch on watercolor paper and began with the background. First I put in the green background with a variety of greens. Then I drew in the creek, the bank and the water. So far I am pleased with it, but there is still much to be done. 

I'd be happy to hear from you what you think of this so far; if you would change anything or add anything. I am planning to add some tufts of grass along the edge of the creek, but don't know if there is something else I should add. I can't wait to paint the heron himself, but didn't want to rush it, so will do it next Wednesday in class.  Meanwhile, I am planning to try my hand at ACEO watercolor paintings to see if small will work for me.

It is the time of year when life usually resumes some kind of structure. When I was teaching, I always welcomed the routine that returned in the Fall. I feel like I am wasting a lot of time these days, so I am going to try something new today to see how it goes. I am planning to read the blogs to which I subscribe, have a bite to eat, and walk the treadmill as usual. But today I am going to try setting a timer for an hour and do a bit of house cleaning during that time. When the timer rings, I will stop and get in the shower.

I will then set the timer again, but this time for 3 hours and I will spend that time in my art room being productive. Today I am going to try a 2.5" x 3.5" watercolor, I am going to redo my first assignment for the Tangling workshop to make patterns instead of tangles, and I am going to make a color chart of the wc paints that I own now to see how they interact with each other.

I will share these with you tomorrow and let you know how well I respond to the "timer" method of productivity.
I hope you have a lovely day,



  1. I like what you've done so far. The water looks really good. One thing you might try is putting some darker values in the background in spots to give it a bit more depth. Your timer method sounds like it would work very well ... you are So disciplined! I can learn a lot from you in that regard!! hugs, nancy

  2. I'm the least structured person you'll ever meet and have been resistant to "schedules" all my life. I'm as likely to do the laundry at 11 PM as well as houseclean when/if I feel like it. One of my friends still goes by the 1900's schedule: Wash on Mon, iron on Tues, sweep/dust on Wed, etc. That was NEVER my method, even when I worked. Another friend cleans by zones...bedrooms & baths one day, kitchen/pantry another, living areas another.

    Since I've switched from being a night owl to an early morning person and feel I do my best during the morning hours...this is when I want to walk in the park for an 1.5 hrs, then shower, eat breakfast and get into the paints or whatever creative thing I'm involved in...I give myself until noon. After lunch I'll do the housework, errands, etc. We eat dinner at 4 PM then the evening is all mine to spend doing whatever I's a very lazy lifestyle, but we're retired and don't have to punch a time clock.

    I'll send an email with comments re: heron

  3. You've made a wonderful start with your heron. The only suggestion I would make would be to make sure that the tufts of grass you put in along the creek's bank vary in size to add some subtle variety in the top of the painting. Can't wait to see your next step!

  4. Love your photo, and you are off to a great start with your Heron. I will check back to see how it is coming along :)

  5. Lovely start to the heron! And I never get sick of Monarchs. Did you see mine? August 1 & 9, I posted a slide show of caterpillar-chrysalis-butterfly, and then a caterpillar finger puppet & a 2-page "pop-up book" spread of the butterfly. I LOVE Monarchs, so you won't make me tired of seeing them, HA!

  6. Looking great. You seem to be learning a lot in this class and enjoying it. That's wonderful.

  7. Beautiful photos Vicki...and the heron is looking great so far...background looks good. Strangely enough I saw a heron twice today when going to the beach so this is my third time..looking forward to seeing it finished. Thanks for stopping by

  8. I'm not a watercolorist so I won't attempt any suggestions. I'm doing the same things as you in my life right now -- some time for art, some for fall cleaning and purging, and some (in my case) for new recipes, reading and work.

  9. I think you are off to a great start. I am sorry I don't have any suggestions, I am just starting in WC myself.I do look forward to seeing more.

  10. I think the colours you are using blend so well together - I have such trouble with backgrounds and I know I should think about them earlier, just as you have!

  11. Your heron painting is coming along wonderfully! I like your photo too. We've noticed a lot of butterflies around here also.