Monday, September 27, 2010

POTD and Other Stuff

I am absolutely stunned to see that it is the last week of September already. I am just getting into the thought that summer is over (and loving it), but at this rate, there will be snow on the ground way before I am ready for it.

Today's photo is of a heron - if you can find him. I followed him down to the north side of the yard and sat on one of the bridges in the yard so that I could see him by looking under the bridge over the road. I expected him to come back toward my yard, but he never did, so this is the best I could do.

I actually think this is a pretty good picture, if only he didn't appear to be headless.

I spent a bit of time Saturday at the dance studio so that I could watch Miss 3 in her ballet class. She was so cute, as were all the other little ones. Here she is just prior to the beginning of class.

I almost hate to see her grow up. She is my baby as the youngest of the grandgirls.

The Natural Science Museum in Ann Arbor is a great place to spend a couple of hours and do some sketching. They even had folding chairs available. I spent some time looking at birds - no surprise there. I sketched a pheasant, a raccoon, a wolf and a turkey vulture. I spent the most time on the vulture and need to add more detail to the others. Here is the vulture.

I'm pretty happy with this one.

I've also added a bit more color (another layer) to the watercolor that I am working on. I bought some masking fluid while in Ann Arbor and am going to put a bit on the right side of the fisherman to protect some of the highlights. The next watercolor I do, I will try to use a little before I put any color on it. I really should have preserved the highlights in the water before starting this one. I am hoping to try out the Magic Eraser method to bring them back later.

So far I am really enjoying working on this one and am liking it pretty much. I am trying hard not to love it so that I don't get afraid to work on it.

I am leaving for my Mom's in a couple of hours and for the first time I am taking my sketching and painting materials with me. I am hoping to get some painting done and hope to do some sketching during the two day garage sale.

My internet access will be sporadic, but I hope to have things to share with you and will try to post at least a couple of times from the UP. I am really excited about moving my Mom into this new apartment and can't wait to see it and help her get it ready to live in.



  1. Dancers of pre-school age are the cutest things ever!

    The turkey vulture is really nice. Birds are not so easy to draw. We can thank these birds for getting rid of carrion, road kill, even though they're not the most handsome bird in the deck, they serve us well...can you imagine what a drive in the country would smell like without them to clean up the mess! Oye! It would stink to high heaven.

    I'm wondering if the heron is a new species? Headless Great Blue? HA

    Like you, I'm amazed that summer is over according to the calendar, but my thermometer will register 103F today, our fall season doesn't start until the end of Oct. I don't dare put the pumpkins out or they'll be rotted messes come Hallowe'en...

    Have a good trip to the UP and let us know how it goes with the move in. Hope you get a chance to draw and/or paint...I'd like to see some photos or drawings of that area since I've never been there.

  2. Wow! It sounds like you've really been busy. What a cutie your Miss 3 is. It was hard at times to see my nieces and nephew grow up and start their own lives but now they have little ones of their own so it's starting all over again! I love your turkey vulture sketch. Will you be adding color?

  3. I found the heron .... Miss 3 is adorable .... the vulture is really good .... the watercolor is coming along nicely .... I went back to the museum today to work more on the bobcat .... have a safe and wonderful trip! hugs, nancy

  4. Lovely work! I hope you have time to do some sketching on your visit!

  5. I love the POTD! =) And Miss 3, she's just an angel! Nice sketch and the drawing is really coming together pretty well now