Thursday, September 23, 2010

Photo of the Day and A New WC WIP

I have several photos to share today and am not sure which one earns the title of "Photo of the Day". I'll let you decide. The first one is of a very interesting plant. I took the picture in my sister's garden and it is too early to call her this morning to ask what it is. Maybe you know.

I love the shadow!

The next picture is not as pretty as the one above, but I found it interesting enough to photograph. I am always looking for interesting textures. They are great to use in Photoshop. Feel free to download this one if you are interested.

I found this tire track in the sand at a beautiful beach in Benton Harbor.

I drew a new sketch for my watercolor class that includes a fisherman as my brother suggested. Thanks for the suggestion, Dan. I have begun the underpainting. It doesn't look like much yet, but I wanted to show the work in progress. I too often forget to show the stages and just show the finished or nearly finished piece. The matting is digital; it is actually taped to a piece of foamboard.

 If you click on it you will get a better idea of its composition.

I took the watercolor outside to photograph it by propping it in the seat of an Adirondack chair on the deck. The hubster came out to put chicken on the grill just as I was finished. He asked me if I'd seen the tree toad was back. I asked where he was. Believe it or not he was in the chair I was using as a prop for my painting. I'm sure glad I didn't go out on the deck to sit. He would surely have been squished.

Here he is:

He didn't move a muscle while I was fussing around with the picture and getting close enough to get a good photo. I don't think he looks too perturbed, but then again this might be his angry look.

I don't know for sure what I am doing today except for the treadmill (of course) and tutoring Algebra mid-afternoon. I am planning to get some tangles uploaded and then get to work on Lesson 3.  I am driving up to my Mom's on Monday to help her move and assist with the garage sale. I will be gone for a week. I am planning to take the laptop and hope to post a bit while I am gone.

I do have a blind contour for tomorrow and hope to have some tangles to share as well.



  1. What interesting stuff on here but I'm really drawn to your frog. Is that an indulgent smile I see on his face?

  2. The plant is clematis - I have it growing in the backyard with those little things on it. Your new watercolor is going to be wonderful - it's a great start! We have some of those toads here, too, and they are pooping all over the sides of the house! But, they're so cute, I don't mind .... my sweetie is another matter, however LOL hugs, nancy

  3. Great photos-one could almost love the frog! The painting has a good start. Good luck helping your mom.

  4. A good start, I like the trees that fade in the background.

  5. I love seeing WIPs, especially watercolours. They appear as if out of a mist.

    Toads! I had my fill of horrid-native-animal-killing-canetoads when I lived in the Tropics.

    Good luck with the rest of your watercolour!



  6. Fabulous photos, all of them! And your watercolor color painting looks great so far! Have fun at your mothers!