Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm Still Here

I'm playing the role of Nana more than artist these days. I've been missing you and hope you've missed me as well. I have 4 new journals in the works, 2 of them are watercolor journals and the other 2 are sketching journals.

Little Miss 3 is due any minute and is spending the day with me. I love that child so much, but am a little miffed that I will not be doing any serious art until just before dinner time when she is retrieved. Of course, the miffed feeling goes away as soon as that little cutie wraps her arms around me in greeting and then spends the day dancing and singing and running around in her make believe world.

I am just checking in so you won't think I've disappeared into thin air. I hope to have the current batch of journals done this evening and I will either post then or early tomorrow morning.

I also would like to ask for some positive energy to be sent to my dear friend, Nancy, who I think has pneumonia. The poor dear has been quite ill for almost a month now and could use some serious energy input.

Thanks - I hope to see you later.


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  1. You are so sweet - thank you for the kind thoughts and remembering me. I miss everyone, but especially you. hugs, nancy