Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Furnace is Still Running

And it is April 21. I cannot afford this long winter.

Little Miss 3 will be arriving in about 45 minutes and before she arrives I wanted to share with you a bit of art that she did yesterday. It wasn't that long ago that she was asking me to draw things for her and now look what she can do on her own.

I was impressed and told her so. She posed with her finished picture and told me I could have it to put on my refrigerator.

It is a good thing I got 12 hours of sleep the night before last because I only got about 3 last night. I just happened to notice the clock as I was thinking about turning in for the night last night and it was just after 2 am. I haven't been up at the hour in a long time, so I decided to take advantage of the "free" download time hughesnet allows between 2 am and 7 am. I downloaded some large updates and some fun stuff and by the time I was done it was 3:45 and I woke up at 7. I decided to get up and make coffee since my little darling is due soon and I want to be awake and ready for her.

The roll of Tyvek that I ordered a few days ago arrived yesterday. I have a huge crossword puzzle dictionary that is my Mom's favorite. She has a really hard time handling it because of the size and hers has fallen apart and some of the pages have gone missing. I am planning to cut mine into 3 smaller segments and cover each one with Tyvek and take it to her for Mothers' Day. I will show you what I am doing and how it is going when I get started, hopefully tomorrow. I don't think I have the girls tomorrow and should be able to jump right into that project. Maybe I will get a couple of books made, too.

For now, I'd better get a couple of cups of coffee into this system and perk up!!

Thanks for visiting; it is always nice to "see" you.



  1. I love that she did not color both wings the same color! She's doing her own thing already. Tell her I think she did a great job on this and to always keep drawing.

  2. Adorable! And I love your idea for your mom! She will be delighted I'm sure. Hope you get a nap today! : )

  3. Lovely!! I happened to be surfing on the net and came across your blog...i do have the same interests as yours, and im getting inspired!! thanks a lot!!! :)

  4. Clearly artistic ability is inherited as all of your little tribe has it (even the newest one, bless her little heart - she just can't hole a pencil yet). Great idea for your mom's crossword book! hugs, nancy

  5. Gorgeous art!! I have my three yr old grandson coming to do art with me next week. He is in love with paper, paint, glue and cutting. It is so good they are creative at their age.

  6. This is such a cute blog :)
    and really artistic...

  7. Little Miss 3 is adorable! And a gifted artist, already, too :)

    I hear you about the furnace still running here in Michigan in late April. I can't afford it either! Time to dial it down, and break out the winter woolens!

    Art By Camilla