Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Trial and Error

While out shopping yesterday I stopped at JoAnn's to get a variety of yard goods to use in my new design. Who knew I would have so much trouble trying to punch holes in these things. I found a really pretty one that I wanted to use, but until I figure out how to make a small hole in it without the back coming apart, it is a no go.

Isn't this beautiful?

But not so good to try to punch a hold through.

I found a woven material to work better. But I want to attach the supports a bit further in from the ends.

My new design. I attach "tapes" with eyelets and then sew onto them. I really like it, but I need a little Fray Check for the ends of this particular tape.

So far my favorite material to work with - leather strips.

I will try to finish this one today. I need to cut some paper as the size of this one is a little different than the signatures I already have folded.

Miss 8 is coming today and is spending the night with me, so it is surely going to be an arty day. I will share tomorrow.



  1. I love the "To Have and To Hold" cover design. That was quite a find! Have a great day with Miss 8.

  2. Were you planning on using that lovely fabric the same way you used the tapes or something different? Maybe we can figure something out when we get together Friday! hugs, nancy

  3. Beautifully done !! I too love the second book and the leather strips ! Very clever and nice looking !!

  4. These are so cool, Vicki! I love "To Have and to Hold!" Have fun tomorrow with Miss 8!!

  5. How do you make the holes in the book covers, Vicki? Do you have to drill into the bookboard?

  6. These are really lovely, Vicki. I wish I had an idea for the woven fabric. Maybe heating the tool that you use for a punch would help.

  7. It looks like you're getting adventurous with these! I like the last one!