Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another Lovely Mail Package

I can't believe it! I had another personal item of mail today. There is nothing like it - so much nicer than ads or bills.

This one was the four cards that I traded in an arttechniques swap entitled "All Things Books". Here is what I received:

These cards are from (from the left and reading horizontally) Sherre Hulbert, Susan Sager Brown, Rozsi Moser, and Lisa Cousineau. Thank you so much ladies. They are exceptionally lovely.

I am planning to spend some time today working on Lesson 2 of my Faces class in which I am to prepare a textured background on which to draw/transfer a face as a focal point.

The hubster is still sick, so I have been making him tea, scrambling him eggs, and just trying to be quiet so that he can rest/sleep.

I'll post my background when it is finished.

'Til then.....


  1. Woo hoo, aren't you the lucky one! Poor hubby, hope he gets better soon. Can't wait to see the results from Paulette's class!

  2. No mail is more fun than Art Mail! Lovely cards!