Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Day Off and CED2009

I have the afternoon off and decided this was a good time to mix up my paints for the face I am working on. My medium skin tone is much lighter than Paulette's in the video, but then I am of Irish descent and my skin is very fair. I am not sure I am satisfied with the shadows and highlights, but then the colors looked so different on my palette than they do on the face.

I began my day with a banana and then did an hour with Cathe and my 5# weights, followed by 30 minutes of walking uphill on the treadmill. I am feeling really good with this regimen. I don't weigh and measure for another 12 days and am feeling that if I can keep up this every other day 90 minute workout, I am sure to see results. Now I have to continue to watch portion size and not get in the mind set that since I work out I can eat more. It kind of defeats the purpose.

I am going to spend another hour or so working on swaps I am working on and then try to get outdoors. It is not going to be nearly as warm as it has been the past couple of days, but it is sunny and in the high 40s. If I stay out of the wind, it might be just right with a hoodie on.

See ya later......


  1. Hi Vicky, You commented on my blog so I found yours and find it so fun and spirited. You've many talents and I don't think you've a 'faint heart' at all

  2. Looking great - I can see you're really getting into it - it's so much fun - I'm sure you'll be hooked as I am.
    Re your diet and exercise - you rock!