Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good and Not So Good Squared

I think I will start with the good.

I am quite pleased with how the tissue box turned out. The only thing is that I chose a cheaper Spartan brand of tissue in order to get the square-ish box (all mine are rectangular) and the box is a little too tall to get the bottom of the holder back on and the tissues are of very poor quality. The next time I am at the store I will get a box of Kleenex and see if that doesn't make it better.

Now for the not so good.

The first not so good is that I weighed and measured this morning and I don't see any difference in the numbers from last month. Lots of variables in this process; firstly, the scale is a dinosaur that has a needle that swings back and forth wildly before stopping on a number. I am going to pick up a digital scale next time I am in town. Also, I am taking my measurements with a somewhat stretchy old measuring tape and I don't always know the exact spot on my thigh, bicep, hip that I measured last time. I can tell by how my clothes fit and by looking in the mirror that my figure is changing for the better, so this is not going to stop my workout regimen. I may, however, really limit those snacks (even the healthy ones).

The final not so good news is my girl. Yesterday's lesson was to add hair and brows. I am not very happy with mine. I wanted the hair to be a believable red (kinda a reddish brown). I am not sure that I achieved that. Then I put a second layer of lighter brownish red on and I think it looks pretty bad. I am going to let it sit for awhile and then decide if I should try something else. I am thinking maybe a light wash over the hair just to unify it more.

I really wanted to paint the brows as more single hairs, but my picture is too small for me to have that kind of control. Somehow in my adding hair and brows and using a damp brush to correct mistakes running to the face, I had a yellowish forehead, so I cleaned it up with a mixture of Titan Buff and Titanium White. I need to be careful when I do the final shadow and highlight layer to get her to look more dimensional. She is looking pretty flat right now.

I was supposed to have the girls today and then not again until next Tuesday, but I don't have them today, but do have them tomorrow and Thursday. Their Dad is having some surgery on an artery in his leg tomorrow so I am rearranging my schedule to accommodate that.

That's it for now. Bye!


  1. Hey Vicki - I'm so impressed with how your girl is coming along! You've done a fine job on the eyes, especially. Keep up the good work! And the Kleenex box covers are quite clever (no surprise there, is there). I'll be seeing the real thing soon! hugs, nancy

  2. I found the eyebrows the most difficult to do as well. You can always use your skin tone to cover up the eyebrow colour that went astray. If you aren't happy with the hair colour, mix up another lot of paint and change it - that's the beauty of acrylics, you just keep on layering until you get the effect you like. Oh, and when you use your neocolors on the hair, that gives it more life as well. I think you are doing a fantastic job.
    Also, you must be trimming down if your clothes feel better and remember that muscle weighs more than fat.

  3. I think she's looking great!! Finding a style for hair you like can take some time. Try painting lots of different heads with different hair and see what works best for you.