Monday, March 30, 2009

End of March and CED2009

Can you believe another month is just about over? Where does the time go?

I have been working out really hard this month. This morning I worked a balance ball workout for 30 minutes and then walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes at an incline of 3 degrees at 3 mph. I am beginning to see a difference and feel different. Tomorrow is the next weigh and measure day. I hope the results are as promising as they seem today.

When my daughter moves into her home (she is expecting to close sometime in the next 2 weeks) I am planning to paint Elmo onto a canvas to hang in the baby's room. So I did a practice sketch in my art journal. I think he is very cute, although I must say I have listened to him way too much this year, so I am finding that his voice is beginning to grate.

Payton was quick to tell me that I made his body too long and that he needs legs. I apparently have some more practicing to do before I commit to canvas!

I also rediscovered a tissue box that I bought unfinished at Michael's several months ago and decided to play with it. So far I have gessoed, painted, glazed, stamped and collaged. I am planning to paste various letters from different sources to spell blow, wipe, and either sneeze or achoo on the three sides that are not collaged.

Meanwhile, I have an ATC swap done (the yellow pages) and will take that to the post office after I get a shower. And at the same time I will mail the Chinese Painting book that Katina won. Then I will come home and work on more ATC swaps that I have signed up for before watching the latest video in the Faces class.

I have the two girls tomorrow (Payton is on Spring Break) so I don't expect to get much done then, unless Payton and I can do some art while Morgan is napping. At any rate, I will post again when I have something to share.


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  1. oo, fun stuff!!

    elmo is super cute. looking forward to seeing the painting!