Saturday, March 7, 2009

Quick Note

Just a quick little note to take care of some organizational things.

JulieZ - I have no contact information for you and need it to send you the book you won. If I do not hear from you by Tuesday, March 10, I will choose another random number and pass the book to that person.

Jodi, Sarah and Christy - I have sent emails to the three commenters of my "Pay It Forward" blog post and some time in the next few months will be making each of you something special and handmade in the mail. I was already a subscriber to one of your blogs and have added the other two. I didn't expect there to be anything in this for me other than the wonderful feeling of giving freely of myself. What a nice side benefit to find two more blogs that I will love exploring.

I am leaving in a few hours to spend several days with one of my sisters who lives a couple of hours from me. I will have access to her computer, but won't be making art. I will be playing scrabble, cribbage and yahtzee; drinking coffee; walking in the snowless yard; shopping; you know, bonding! I am in serious need of a few quiet days (she is an empty nester with a darling hubster) of game-o-rama. My situation right now doesn't lend itself to game playing other than 6 year old games, which are fun, but I need more and I love my sister and always really enjoy time spent with her!

It is pouring rain right now. I hope it lets up when I am ready to leave for my sister's house as I hate driving in the rain especially on the expressway!

I will try to stay in touch while I am away and will have to check into Google Reader to keep up with all of you!

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  1. Have a wonderful break, play lots of fun games, and enjoy yourself!