Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A New Blog to Check Out

A friend of mine and very talented artist has started a new blog.

Her first post (yesterday) includes a lovely watercolor of the Rocky Mountains. You should definitely check her blog out here. I wouldn't be at all surprised if you decide to subscribe. I can't wait to see what piece of art is on her next post!

Meanwhile, I am continuing to attempt to make small sketches and believe I have improved to the degree that most people can tell what my sketches represent. What I have to do is make the next leap and try to shade these sketches to see if I can take them from flat line drawings to more lifelike images with dimension. I gotta tell you this is scary for me - I really don't have a good feel for this. I am going to just bite my lip and make myself try this.

I hope later today to get the chance to do the eyes and lips on my face in progress. If I get it done, I will post it later. For now I have to go eat a banana, put on my workout clothes and do my Cathe workout. I am thinking of doing a different one just to mix it up. I just haven't decided yet whether to do the Ab Max or the workout on the ball. I like them both. Anyway, I will tell you what I decided and how it went later.

If you haven't already, look back a few posts and leave a comment so that you can get in on the drawing for a lovely book.


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  1. Your blog template is so very pretty. Glad you keep creating.