Monday, December 7, 2009

Addicted to Doodling

It is Monday morning; I've just finished 1/2 hour with Sharon Mann on FitTv working on the balance ball working mostly abs and glutes, followed by 1/2 hour on the treadmill alternating speed and incline. Now I am warmed up and ready for my day. It will take me about an hour to cool down and then I will shower and enjoy my day before tutoring Geometry for an hour in the middle of the afternoon and then tutoring Statistics for 2 - 4 hours this evening.

Meanwhile, I am doodling and loving it. I wrote the other day about dreaming about making a doodled ornament for a card and yesterday I couldn't help myself I had to try it. And I like it even more than the reindeer from last week. What do you think?

 I am thinking about trying a stocking next. I think I will make homemade cards with these things and I am planning to use colored card stock to make them. I will use a brown for the reindeer, a red for the ornament and maybe a green for the stocking.

I also am looking forward to the new lesson in my creative lettering class and I really must try a steampunk domino.

I think I'd better get on my horse and get this day started.

See you later.


  1. Lovely ornament that would look great on red.

    Like the variation in design.
    Nice work!


  2. Perfect... that is a cool ornament, great idea xxx

  3. Beautiful! You could also scan it into photoshop and play with the colors there. Of course...that's a lot of color ink! Maybe your way is better! ;)

  4. I like it. You are doing really well with the doodling! They are going to make some great cards. A suggestion for Ms Photoshop: what if you could fill the spaces with color as if it was stained glass. Would that work? And then print it on white paper. Just an idea for you to play with since you like playing with Photoshop so much.

  5. Vicki it totally turned out excellent.

    And of course we are twins.


  6. Playing catch-up Again, and I have to say, your ornament is really fun... you just get better and better. hugs, nancy

  7. I love the ornament, Vicki! Such a sweet design!