Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Yesterday morning, I took the hubster for a procedure and expected to have to wait for a couple of hours, so I packed up my art journal, my calligraphy pens and booklets, a zentangle made by a friend and some blank zentangle squares provided by the same friend and the iPod.

For once the wait was much shorter than anticipated so most of these drawings, sketches, doodles, whatever,  were done while sitting with the hubster waiting for him to be called.

This is an assignment for a creative lettering class I am taking through a Yahoo! group. I showed the beginnings of it yesterday, but with the mindset of doodling (you should know that I am not a doodler, have never been a doodler, don't know how to doodle, and am afraid to doodle) , I decided to play with it a bit.

This is the facing page that I showed the beginnings of yesterday. I intended to put the word "why" and question marks in various sizes and colors all over the page, but they called me in to visit with the hubster after his procedure prior to letting us go, so I haven't finished it yet. Maybe the next visit to a waiting room will have me adding to it.

I'm fighting with myself not to delete the above two pictures as not being good enough to show, but to quote myself, "it is what it is" and if I am to grow, I need to lose the fear and share and hope for helpful comments and ideas from others. I am definitely outside my comfort zone with these feeble attempts at doodling.

This page probably doesn't really fit the doodle idea, but I tried to do it with the doodle mindset, but these kind are definitely more within my comfort level.

And last, and maybe least, I did actually try the zentangle style, but I made my square too small (I didn't dare to try it on the official zentangle paper when I discovered I didn't have any pencils, just pens and markers) and I think it a bit messy and too anal tight. I really have to remember to intentionally relax the next time so that I am not so taut and tense. But, if you can stand to see it, I guess I can stand to share it:

Oh, that is rather scary, isn't it, but it makes me feel like the next time won't be quite so hard since I put it out there in all it's awfulness awkwardness.


I began the month of December on a new note. As soon as I got out of bed, I put on a pair of shorts and a tee and went into the little TV room and worked out with Gilad for about 1/2 hour and then went back into our bedroom (the hubster had gotten up by then) and walked the treadmill for 1/2 hour. I am hoping to start most of my days that way and have decided that if I get that out of the way at the beginning of the day, it won't be so hard to fit it in.

Hope you have a wonderful day! I so appreciate all of you who visit and offer comments to me. Don't be afraid to offer suggestions for improvement; I can take it!



  1. We all need inspiration with our drawing and your local library is a wealth of inspiration-go check out a few books on things you love-like birds!

  2. Now you get up and exercise PLUS to art!! You are an amazing woman!!
    What do you think of Zentangles?? Love 'em... You never know what you'll end up with when 'tangling.

    Pam, an island girl @ heart

  3. Well, just look at you doodling and Zentangling! Bravo!!!! Now, that wasn't so hard, was it? And, what is Gilad, first thing in the AM? hugs, nancy

  4. proud of the lettering, doodling and zentangles you're've done much more than what you started with right????
    Before you had a blank look what you've created. It only gets better and better. There was a day we couldn't ride a bike, or drive a car, or colour within the lines, or tie our shoelaces....we all have to start somewhere!!! You go can do this!!!

  5. I like the zentangle you did. They really are sort of addictive. Especially for doodlers, which I am one of. But then,] you said you aren't. Maybe it's something one can acquire, like the taste for licorice or something.

  6. Wonderful doodles Vicki! I've tried zentangles and find them frustrating. haha I never liked puzzles and it starts to boggle my mind so it must be a puzzle. :) I LOVE seeing other people do them though, keep at it! I have a feeling you will rock them out!
    Thanks for visiting me!

  7. It takes courage to share work that you don't feel is quite right, Vicki. I've been doing some of that myself. :) Your sketches are interesting and better than you think they are. :)

    I love doodling. The key to it is to relax and not to think about it, to just do it. Enjoy!

  8. It is so nice to met a someone who isn't a perfect doodler. I am not a doodler. I try and try but it just doesn't work. mandalas and zentangles I have tried and tried. Hopefully your pleas will help me too. However what I am seeing is a great start. I can not even do that.

  9. Why aren't the face and bird a doodle? Of course they are. Very good doodles too. Did you have a reason to draw them? Were you designing something? If you were just putting "something" on paper to fill time you were doodling. That they look like something real doesn't make them not a doodle.

  10. Oh, check how Dodson's Keys to Drawing With Imagination! He goes into doodling and noodling. It helped me a lot! I think your zentangle is wonderful!

  11. Love your doodling and drawing. Congrats for moving out of your comfort zone and trying something new.

  12. I find I do my best doodling in meetings and I seem to retain more of what I am listening to than when I bring the laptop and take notes...right brain, left brain thing maybe. I love Zentangles and find myself doing them all the time while I am on the phone on hold !