Friday, December 4, 2009

December has Arrived

There is a bit of ice and snow here and the satellite isn't sure it wants to work to provide me access to my internet friends.

I spent most of yesterday morning working on the website I get paid to maintain (actually most of the work is preparing the pictures to be uploaded). When I was done with that, I made the soup I have been promising to make for the last three days and it was yummy, if I do say so myself. My son and a friend came out in the afternoon for a bit of help with their Algebra homework and then I spent some time in my art room.

I am working on a Christmas card for my Mom. The sketching of the fanciful reindeer went pretty well, but for some reason no matter how I try I can't get colored pencil to look good. I tend to get lines and pretty childish looking coloring. I did try putting a layer of Caran d'Ache water soluble wax pastels over it, but the jury is still out on the verdict.

So I spent some time doodling in my art journal and decided to play a bit more with the red and black one I started a couple of nights ago. I actually doodled without much mindfulness and it appeared to draw itself. It decided it wanted to be a parachute, and who was I to argue.

What do you think?

And then the more I thought of the card I was trying to make for Mom, the more I thought that maybe a doodled reindeer would be cool. So on the facing page I sketched a fanciful reindeer (his head would not cooperate) and began to doodle. I am not completely pleased with how it turned out, but I am really excited to try again.

I think I must have an addictive personality because you already know I am addicted to playing with Photoshop. A whole day can go by and I will have done nothing but that. Well, now I am pretty sure I can feel that same narcotic feeling when I doodle. Who knew? Maybe I should have left well enough alone and remained in my "ignorance is bliss" fear of doodling state. At this point I am not sure what is going to happen next, but last night I dreamed of making my Aunt Mary a Christmas card with a zentangled ornament on the front. YIKES! But actually a great idea.

I am going to Chelsea with my friend Nancy today and hope know I will have a great time. I am in the right frame of mind and she is always so much fun. She is like a sister (not that I don't already have enough of them).

I think I'd better get a move on and get ready to go. See ya!


  1. Loving Rudolph, and hey the neck is fine, don't forget this is doodling so it has it's own charm being as it is... don't change it, I wouldn't!
    Glad your soup was delish, can't beat homemade...
    Have more fun doodle time xxx

  2. Your reindeer looks great. If you make cards to send all your relatives just print this one out. As far as colored pencil goes, you need to do it VERY lightly and build up the color even layering it with your shading or whatever. Go over it again and again. That sounds like it takes a lot of time but since you are doing it lightly each pass it really doesn't. Some people burnish it with a white pencil (which I find takes some of the brightness down) or a colorless blender at the end and then touch up with a little more color but that is only necessary if you want it to look painted rather than drawn.

    Remember to skip the ornament for your aunt and send her a copy of the reindeer. I can't see right now since I am in the comments part but did you include the antlers? The head is fine; I'm sure there is some reindeer out there with a head too big for himself - it would be a male of course, lol.

    Hope your sister is doing well.

  3. now thats a groovy looking reindeer and I dont think his head is too long at all...great work Doodle

  4. Very cute, Vicki. Thanks for sharing you work. Doodling is so relaxing.

  5. I love your doodles.....your reindeer is so cute!

  6. I just knew you'd be good at doodling and that you'd love it! I think your reindeer is very dear (no pun intended) and that your mom will love it. I know I do! As always, I had a great time today and thanks again for lunch. many hugs, nancy

  7. your dear is perfect!

  8. I love the reindeer! It's very scandinavian in its look. I agree with freebird (the 2nd comment)- this would be a great Christmas card!

  9. Vicki I hope you had fun tonight with the kids.

    Love Renee xoxo

  10. These are great, Vicki! I knew you could do it! :) I love your reindeer, and I agree with the other comments. His head isn't too long. He's fine just like he is. That's the charm of doodling and quirkiness. :) He would make a wonderful Christmas card.

  11. Yes! Go for the doodle cards. Wonderful idea.

  12. Oh, I just love the reindeer and the parachute! Wonderful!

    And I just want to add one thing to Freebird's comment, you should apply the color in circular movements to avoid the lines.

  13. I love Rudolph. The head looks perfect. It's cartoony, but that's what makes it so cute.

    Rudolph would make a great Christmas card!

  14. You should definitely turn Rudolph into a card design! Lovely picture.