Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Doodling Some More

Yesterday was so busy I didn't get to play even one game (on the computer - my mindless relaxation) of dominoes or solitaire until ten minutes before midnight. It was a good busy - blogging, making and sending a surprise ATC to a dear internet friend, tutoring a Geometry student, helping my son with his Algebra homework, and finally while the hubster was watching the MSU/North Carolina basketball game I did a couple of doodle sketches. I must admit the first one was done in a very controlled manner (I know it doesn't look very controlled (grin)) while trying to follow some instructions from the zentangle newsletter. I thought it might be a good warm up for a less controlled session. Here is the first one:

And then I quit following directions and just tried to make some little patterns. I'm okay with how it turned out, but I wasn't totally relaxed. My goal is to follow Maer's example and spend some time in front of the teevee (I seldom watch, but like to spend some time with the hubster) each evening and do a bit of sketching and/or doodling.

Here is the second of the two attempts:

And while I really like red when it comes to shoes and clothes, I really should get a black micron or other really fine black pen.

I am so grateful for all the comments I am getting and all the helpful suggestions both for doodling and for my other attempts at creativity. I so appreciate my internet "family". You are so much more encouraging than my actual family (by that I mean my siblings - of which I have 13 12 who are living and think I am a bit silly and maybe even pretentious to think that I could be an artist. Actually, I do have a sister (the one you all sent positive energy and prayers to last week) who is extremely encouraging and loves me unconditionally.

Today, the hubster and I are going to run some errands, do a surprise good deed, and maybe hit the hardware stores (I wonder if I can find some "steampunk" treasures?) or who knows what. This afternoon I will be doing more Algebra homework with my son and I am going to the chiropractor for a quick visit. Looks like another busy day filled with fun and personal satisfaction. I am going to try to sit in the living room with the hubster some time this evening and sketch and/or doodle. I'll share tomorrow.

See you then!


  1. I really like your second doodle. It looks like a crown! I feel so tied up in knots doodling. I've tried zen tangling and feel like I need their instruction book - how lame is that?

    That's a lot of siblings! Too bad they aren't more supportive. Sometimes people think you have to be making money before they take your art seriously. Guess they don't know how few paintings some of the great artists sold during their lifetime! I think I read that Van Gogh only sold one! You are doing great. Wish I could tell your family so. I always tell mine that you can't take money with you when you go, only the experiences you've had.

  2. I love your doodles! And the red ink is bold and fantastic. Don't worry about your family. You will be a better person for following your passion.

  3. Very nice-Love the quilts on the bed!

  4. These doodles are wonderful. I hope you enjoyed doing them, because I'd love to see more...

  5. Love the colors and patters. Good work!

  6. If families could be who we all want them to be... a lot of family therapists would be out of work. LOL! Your doodles look great!

  7. Those are both really neat, Vicki.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just look at all these commenters who are beholding your beauty.

    We can't all be wrong. It must be your siblings.

    I think I'll start blogging about my friend the artist Vicki Holdwick and you can nonchalantly mention it to your sibs ;-D

  8. I like the red and white patterns! :)

  9. Wow - I think you did a great job on both! I can definitely see the Zentangle qualities, which I find really hard to do. I've tried a few times but gave up before I ever got the hang of it. You've inspired me to try more.

    I really like the second one - it's hard to be "free". I struggle with it as well. I think I doodle/sketch more freely when I use a pencil. Maybe it has something to do with it not being as permanent? I don't know.

    Good grief you have a lot of siblings! I'm sorry they aren't supportive - but it's funny how life provides you with what you need, isn't it? You have a lot of people online who care about you and are cheering you on while you explore your creative GO! GO! GO! xx

  10. i think the doodles are really fun in red! black is such a default color - the red pulls the eye in!

  11. Those are great! I am amazed I found someone else who is NOT a doodler. I never have been either! I also am trying to break into it, but I can't just relax and just doodle. I need a focus. I also am learning zentangles too.

  12. Wow - Look at you doing Zentangles! I'm so proud of you ....and,they're really good ones, too! You go,girl!! hugs, nancy