Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Doodled Christmas Cards

I got my cards ready to go yesterday. I have two varieties - a stocking and an ornament. The ornament has hand lettering and the stocking has computer printing. While the computer printing is much easier and is centered, the hand printing is my favorite. I just have to get better at centering and printing.

For this one I began by cutting the 8 1/2 x 11 piece of cardstock to 7 x 10 so that when it was folded it would be 7 x 5, a standard card size. I have envelopes they will fit into. Then I began the ornament doodle and played until I thought it was done. I then wrote "Deck The Halls". My printing needs some improvement, but overall I am happy with it and I think the recipients will like it.

For the stocking card, I opened my stocking doodle that I showed the other day and using the magic wand tool, removed the white from within and behind it. I then saved it as a .png file so that it would be on a transparent background. I copied it onto a new 8 1/2 x 11 document and put a small stroke around the 10 x 5 space that would be cut to card size so I would have a guide to cut to size. I then used one of my favorite fonts, Lithos Pro, to write and center  "The Stockings Were Hung". I am quite pleased with it.

I hope to get these in the mail today.

Later this morning I am going to the doctor. This cough has been with me for way too long. I have been barking to the point of giving myself a headache since the weekend before Thanksgiving and I think it is time to make sure it isn't something that should be treated.

Later today I am tutoring Geometry and then hope to have a quiet evening with some hot tea with lemon and honey.

For now, it is time for that first cup of coffee and then once the hubster gets up I think I will walk the treadmill for a bit.


  1. These are cute! I have all my items ready, and this weekend I will put all my cards together too.

  2. I love love the ornament. Just great Vicki.

  3. I love your doodle cards! Geat job!

  4. Coughing like crazy and still doing the treadmill? Well, it may make you breath deeper and get junk out and air in.

    Your cards are great. I'm sure they'll be well received.

  5. Simple and yet really beautiful Vicki! The peeps you send these to are really gonna think they are so special! Happy Holidays, Sanna

  6. The doodles translated beautifully to your cards. I think we have to stop calling them doodles now.

    These are line art ;-)

  7. These are great - you will have guessed that you are one of those who have inspired me to try my hand at making cards next year!
    (Honey and lemon in hot water to ease the cough?)

  8. These are cute, Vicki! I need printer ink before I can print mine, so I haven't even started. :)

  9. Your cards are great and you've inspired me to get going on mine. Handmade are the ultimate. I think your off center "Deck the Hall" makes the card more personal but if you want it more centered you could try writing on tracing paper and work out the placing. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Love your cards, vicki! Keep up the good work! hUgs, Francine