Thursday, December 3, 2009

Loving Doodling and Memories

Just finished my workout and treadmill walk/jog and I feel great. Now if I could just lose this awful barking cough.

I think maybe I am going to get totally addicted to doodling. That is not to say that I think I am good at it, but I am beginning to lose some of the paralyzing fear of getting started. Last evening while sitting in front of the computer, I put my feet up on a stool, grabbed my journal and began. I think I like it so far and am looking forward to playing some more this evening. The black ink is the new part.

I also had occasion to look through some old CDs and DVDs on which I had saved past art and pix and came across some old digital scrapbook pages from when my two older grandgirls were little and had one of those "ah" nostalgic moments and thought I'd share them.



I sure miss my little girls - although I'm loving watching them grow up. After all, you can't go back, but they were so cute.

Another busy day today. I am administrator of a website and need to get some updated Christmas themed pix online. The son is coming out again this afternoon to finish the Algebra homework, I have a soup bone in the fridge and need to make a big pot of soup. I really should clean house. Maybe I will choose a small portion to clean and then come back here and work on some art so I have something to share tomorrow.

See you then.



  1. Love your doodle....keep it up!!! I have doodles dating back to 1979!!! My Mother has them all framed and hanging on her walls - and she won't give them up!!LOL

  2. Doodle to your hearts content - it is good for you :-)

  3. Added on to your crown doodle eh? Our kids do grow up. I am finding my grandkids growing up on me now. I enjoy them of course but do miss when they were young.

    Well, doodle doo!

  4. There's no stopping you, now, my friend. You're on a real roll with the doodling. It's very addictive, isn't it! hugs, nancy

  5. Yes - doodles are fun! I'm starting to doodle for the first time since my school days - and I'm rather addicted too. Your doodle is fabulous! I can see it as a stitched piece.

  6. I love the way you've mixed the color here!

  7. I like how you changed colors! And the added part looks just a little more relaxed, like you're getting into the groove!

  8. I love your doodle. I just started learning how to doodle myself. I love doing it and I lose myself so nothing bothers me when I'm doodling. What a way to escape!
    You have beautiful granddaughters.

  9. Beautiful babies, and a really cool doodle!