Monday, March 15, 2010

Finished daVinci

I have finished my rendering of the daVinci that I began some time ago. I can see all the dissimilarities, but I am not altogether displeased. I have been remiss in both drawing and blogging (so long as you don't count the three I posted today.) for the past couple of weeks and am trying to make sure to find time for both in my days.

I am working on a BIG project trying to get a business blog off the ground. It is a lot more work and financial investment than I thought it would be, but still doesn't have the overhead a brick and mortar store would have. I am trying to get good photos of the products that we have and get the necessary interface working smoothly. Watch for an announcement soon.

I am also working on some downloadable patterns for backgrounds for you card makers and mixed media artists out there. You know I am having a ball working playing with Photoshop, but it sure does eat up the time. For now, I'd better go get some work done. I didn't get to bed until about 5 this morning and don't want a repeat of that tonight.



  1. Your rendering of Da Vinci's work is just wonderful. Can see you put in a lot of hard work there. Good luck with the new business venture and looking forward to the new announcement. Again, you impress us all ... :) Thank you for sharing.

  2. Beautifully done! :) You've got almost everything right, and I am wondering what's next too.

  3. They may not be identical but your sketch is beautiful! You did an excellent job...thanks for sharing!

  4. You did a great job. The tilt of her head is different making her look more different than she is. Very nice.

  5. Vicki, I'm so proud of what you've achieved! You did an excellent job with this drawing. The differences just make her your own! hugs, nancy

  6. Good work there. These type of drawings are not easy to do.

  7. You did a terrific job on this. And I am sure you learned a lot.

  8. Very well done, Vicki. Faces and horses are the hardest to draw. I think I told you that before. Lol.

    Your courage in taking on any project and sharing your progress with all of us are inspiring.