Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm Back - At Least for Now

I returned home today after staying overnight two nights at my sister's house. My Mom called me on Monday morning to tell me that my sister had suffered a seizure in the middle of the night and actually lost consciousness for a couple of minutes. Her jaw was clenched so tightly shut her husband could not get her mouth open to try mouth to mouth. The ambulance arrived in just a couple of minutes and she was at the hospital emergency within 20 minutes. She has never experienced anything like this before.

She experienced another episode at the hospital where her blood pressure was dangerously low, but did not lose consciousness. She was kept in the hospital hooked up to a heart monitor and an IV for electrolytes. The nurses also took her blood pressure lying, sitting, and standing in sequence about every 4 hours. She was allowed to come home last evening, but I stayed until after lunch today to be sure she felt comfortable with that.

Her husband is a wonderful guy who takes really good care of her and Mom is getting around pretty well for an 85 year old with advanced arthritis. My Mom fell at her house a week ago and I really wasn't prepared for the sight of her when I arrived. She has two really black eyes and a goose egg on her forehead. She has very colorful large bruises on both legs, her hip, her back and her shoulder. She is so fortunate that she didn't break anything.

I am going back over for a few days early next week and am hoping everything will work out. The doctors don't know for sure why my sister experienced these scary episodes, but she is understandably a bit scared that it will happen again.

I didn't get any art done while I was gone and am pretty out of it today, but hope to do some tomorrow. And if I get anything done, you know I will share it with you.

Thank you for caring so much. I appreciate the friendships I have made here on my blog.



  1. Oh My! You are the second to report family illness. I can really feel with both families. ((( Circle of His Healing Angels to All)))

    You are in my Prayers.

  2. I feel for you and your whole family. ((( Circle of His Healing Angels))) You are all in my prayers.

    Sherrie Roberts

  3. It is scary when things like this happen. Really gets one in touch with one's own mortality.