Monday, March 22, 2010

More Photoshop Play

I am beginning to feel like I run a rooming house or maybe I'm a resident assistant in a dorm for youngsters. We had 2 overnight on Thursday, 6 and 7 overnight on Friday, and 6 overnight on Saturday. When these lovelies stay overnight I sometimes play the game of musical beds and rarely get much sleep. Also they tend to be here until the middle of the afternoon the next day. We had a great time with all three of them and we love them dearly, but I need some art time.

I have begun working on a couple of blank journals made from old books and am really excited about the possibilities. I will share them when I get them done. I didn't get much sleep last night because I was busy thinking about all the ways to sew signatures together before making them into these journals. When I am in the middle of something and am still working through the details, sleep is elusive.

I did get some time late at night while the girls were here to play with Photoshop. I hope these patterns will inspire you and not bore you:

As you can see I am still addicted to making patterns in Photoshop. It is a wonder I get anything else done at all.

Today I am driving my daughter to the dentist to get her wisdom teeth pulled. I am planning to take my circles to make into zentangles or mantangles, or zendalas or whatever. I am in a swap to make colored ones this time. I have never made any except black and white before and am looking forward to making these.

Well, I'd better get in gear. I have to hit the treadmill, eat breakfast, take a shower, pack up the first order from my new online store (Whoop! Whoop!), and get ready to go.

Hope to see you again tomorrow!



  1. Hi Vicki
    Some really nice patterns here. Have fun making zendalas while your daughter is at the dentist!!

  2. Cool patterns! Do you print them and make your own scrapbook type paper? Oh shoot, I asked a question in your comments section...hmm. you can answer via sketchbook group :-)

  3. Nice patterns ! And how brave of you to welcome so many little ones. Take some time to enjoy your Art too !

  4. Your papers aren't boring at all - they continue to amuse and amaze me! hugs, nancy

  5. Boring? Not at all.

    These would make lovely book covers, especially if you printed them onto fabric.

  6. Cool patterns. I bet they are really fun to create.

  7. These are great. They look like scrapbook papers.
    Enjoy zentangling, or whatever

  8. Nicely patterned sheets. I have to stop a project and do something boring or I can't get to sleep. The possibilities will just keep me awake too. I would think a little photoshop patternmaking would help you turn off the project questions.