Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mail Goodies and a Blank Journal in Progress

I had two lovely surprises Sunday when I checked my email. I was the winner of some art. Imagine, I won not only one drawing, but two. The first one arrived yesterday in the mail. It is a print by Rachel Awes that I won at Choosing Beauty. Check this out! Isn't it beautiful?

It is 9 x 9 and is actually on a very white background. I'm afraid my photo of it looks a bit gray. I want to frame it, but think I will have to find make something very thin and plain. I don't want the frame to take the eyes away from the wondrous color and message.

I am working right now on making blank journals from found materials - old books, cereal boxes, blue jeans....

The one I am working on right now is to fit into a wonderful book cover I found (I actually found the entire book and removed the text block). Here is what it looks like.

Sorry, I had to use the flash in order to get the effect of the cover to show. The back is the same except the silhouette is blank and the text block that on the front has the author's name is not on the back. I am really excited to finish this one. I sewed the signatures together last evening and I am planning to go to USArtQuest today to find paper to glue to the inside of the covers and onto the first and last signatures to hold the book together. I recently found out that Sue has a selection of both Japanese and Italian papers.

I am also making a visit with my friend Nancy to the used book store in Jackson to see if I can find more candidates for a new life as the cover of a blank journal. Unfortunately it is raining, and though we can use it, I'd much rather it was sunny. At any rate, I'd better get a move on so I can be ready when she arrives.



  1. Vicky-the cover you are going to use for your book is just wonderful!! What a great journal it would make! and I love the print you won!

  2. You don't say how you won the print. If you use a white mat and a white frame, then the color image will pop. Love the cover of your book. this is awesome. And it looks in great shape too. What a great prompt for that journal!!!!

  3. Ooooo. I love that art print - it looks like it was created from one of those "blind doodles" where you just scribble and then see what emerges. What fun and this one is lovely!

    I also love that book cover, and I am fascinated with making journals from found materials. I think that one of these days I will HAVE to learn to do this myself! I can't wait to see how your journal turns out. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Well, having had the good fortune to see your prize in person, it's just so cool! It was good to see you again - I had a lot of fun (as always!). hugs, nancy

  5. The book cover is fabulous! Is it leather or what?

    Just perfect for a journal - a place to journal all your "dares" and then the accomplishments.

  6. Hello Vicki,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. Bananas as nature's chocolate is a very creative idea. If it could get the children to eat them, that's good. The sweetest ones of course are the smallest and not so pretty ones.

    I enjoyed scrolling through your blog. Wow! You are so brave to have all those overnight stays in your house!. My house is a gathering place for my children's and husband's friends.

    Have a great day.

  7. Your print is definitely a prize. I love the hair lines, the colors, the flowers. And the message reminds me that I have something to give if only I let it out where others can see it.

    I agree with your other responses that the journal cover is fabulous! And to think I always looked at old books just for the content. Need to change my viewpoint!

  8. Congrats on winning the print! And that book cover is fabulous; I can see why you chose it!

  9. What a great cover to use for a journal. I hope you dare to try lots of new things in it.

    That is a great picture to win. Congratulations. It's a bright spot on a rainy day!

    Have fun shopping for journal covers with Nancy.

  10. Great, joyful print! And that book cover is fantastic! You are really going to enjoy that journal.

  11. You need need to frame it all white! Then only the art will show, Creams -- match the White of the paper as close as possible.