Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Addictions - Photoshop and Exercise

I don't know which is more likely to draw me in - Photoshop or exercise. I just finished a 30 minute built in program on the treadmill and was tempted to do another right after. My saner self intervened in the nick of time, so I got off and stretched before grabbing a bottle of water and heading for the computer.

It is supposed to be near 60 degrees today and the sun is already shining. I feel energized and hopeful for a full, productive day. I need to do some art, a bit of grocery shopping, and visit with the daughter and her two little girls after school.

I have been practicing more repeating patterns in Photoshop and would like to share them with you. I am thinking of offering them for a modest fee for use in art, scrapbooking, and card making. What do you think? Would they sell as digital downloads? Or should I just sell the .pat file for people with Photoshop? Or maybe both? Or perhaps I should offer them as .png files so they would be on a transparent background?

I think I am going to get outside (it's only 32 degrees right now, but the sun is brilliant!) and take some pix before fixing myself a bowl of yummy cereal with blueberries for breakfast. Then into the shower and greet the day!



  1. That's really cool Vicki! Is that a simple drop shadow or something really complex that I wouldn't understand anyway? LOL

  2. Well, my dear, I think lots of people would like to use your backgrounds and would pay to do it. As for the technical aspects of it, ..... I'm pretty sure you know I haven't a clue about that! lol hugs, nancy

  3. I don't know what those file extensions do so can't comment on that. It's not a bad idea to sell in a format for those who just want to grab and print the pattern and to offer something different for a PS user. I am not sure on how to price them but would suggest putting them up as sets of 5 or 10 (or whatever) together as a group for a cheaper cost than individual patterns. You have to compete with the scrapbook papers at Michaels where it's in permanent inks on paper already but the advantage here is you print out only what you need and you don't have to keep it all on hand or go shopping to find something. Good luck.

    I can't imagine wanting to do more exercise. Any exercise is yucky to me! (I did mix with a shovel, 11 bags of cement yesterday so that must count for something but I don't do that everyday).

  4. I agree... Photoshop is addictive! :) lovely designs!

  5. Only 32 degrees she says!! We dream of that here in the north of England!! Its getting much warmer now though so I mustn't complain.
    I love your patterns, espacially the one with the gold colours and the one with the greens. I don't know anything about scrapbooking but of the things I have seen people do I would have thought your work would be easily 'sellable' - good luck if you deciode to go for it.