Thursday, March 18, 2010

WIP - daVinci maybe

I am working on a drawing of a piece called 'Profile of a young woman'. I found it in a book about Leonardo da Vinci, but in the caption of the picture it says, "scholars believe that Leonardo did neither the drawing nor the painting".

It is proving to be a fun one to draw. I am trying to draw the shadows rather than shapes and I am liking it so far. It is not an exact copy, but I think that is okay. I like trying to render something close to the original, but I am also interested in working more on the relationship of the parts.

Here is my beginning:

And here is the picture I am using as my reference:

I will share more as I get to it.

A side note: If you were a friend to dear Renee who has traded her awful pain for her angel wings, go to kj's blog to see what she is planning. I so miss Renee and have for some time. Her blog was one of my favorites.

Yesterday I walked on the treadmill for an hour doing two programmed walks. I think that means that I can skip a day, but I am drawn again to it. I do such good thinking and planning while I walk that I actually look forward to it; and I must admit I am in need of dropping a few pounds.

Today the hubster and I are going into town to run some errands and then I hope to get some art done. I think I will work on putting together another new journal using the covers of old books. I am playing with some ideas about the spine and will share when I get it done.

I am tutoring later this afternoon and again tomorrow.

Life is pretty busy these days, but in a good way. I am considering taking a part time job for an artist I know and will fill you in when it comes to fruition.

I need my second mug of coffee and need to get ready to officially start this day.



  1. Hey Vicki,
    This looks like an awesome start on the daVinci (if he did the original or not)! I'm curious to see your progress with it.
    I'm having my third huge mug of coffee (heavily sugared and with loads of cocoa powder to mask the coffee taste *g*) today as I'm writing this, so don't feel bad about your second ;)

  2. You picked a tough one, but you have a great start on it. You got the angle of the head right and you're well on your way to a wonderful drawing! I'm intrigued with your "part time job" remark! hugs, nancy

  3. You asked in you post in EDM for our thoughts - so i'll take the risk of being honest and saying I think you have made a good start and you might like to think about the head being made up of a series of curves and the shadows follow these curves - it'll help give a sense of realism to your girl, I look forward to seeing the results!

  4. It's going to be a gorgeous picture. Good start and great picture to copy.

  5. It's lovely, Vicki.

    Did you know that The Masters taught their apprentices to paint exactly as they themselves did? Then the apprentices were allowed to do commissioned works which The Masters were hired for.

    Only after apprenticing and perfecting the master's style could an apprentice strike out on his own and develop a singular style.

    So you can consider yourself an apprentice of DaVinci!

    P.S. I visited your online store and love the nice clean look and ease of navigation. Best of luck with it!

  6. I could see that it's already a great start as all the proportion is there. :) Can't wait to see the next post!

  7. Hi Vicki,

    Thanks again for choosing me to receive the lovely Kreativ Blogger award.

    I've made my 7 selections and had fun sending the award to the bloggers I love to follow - including you!

  8. Well, oddly the comment I left didn't get posted, so here it is again! I think you've picked a tough drawing to work on, but you've made a terrific start on it. You got the angle of the head right, and I agree with the "series of curves and shadows", etc comment. You're doing great! hugs, nancy

  9. Practise makes perfect - you are definitely improving - well done! I should follow your example, haha, not just with the sketching - the treadmill too!

  10. vicki, this is the sweetest post.

    i admire your sketches and shadows. i am following in your footsteps: this year i will learn to draw in my own style, whatever that will be! (actually, i know: micron pens and colored pencils)

    thanks for the mention about renee. we will do this and it will be good for all of us. knowing that is good fuel for moving things along.

    btw, i start my day with coffee and i love every sip of it. the difference is you are on the treadmill and i am on the couch! i know what you mean about time to think. i've walked a mile and a half a day until this damn mensicus surgery and my poor knee is no longer happy. but i'm working on it.