Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm Home

Good morning! I am stiff and sore and sleep deprived, but it sure is good to be home. I spent the past seven days packing, cleaning, cooking, carrying, rearranging, unpacking, cooking, cohosting a two day garage sale, packing up and delivering to goodwill those items that didn't sell..... You get the picture. The good news is that my Mom is moved in and is quite happy with her new apartment. The bedrooms are larger than the ones in her old place and the windows are at least twice as big. The living room is larger than her old one and she has a new couch and a new recliner. The kitchen is quite small, but the appliances are very nice. She has a garbage disposal and a side by side refrigerator. She knows quite a few of the others living in this senior housing building and is both well known and well liked in the community. Perhaps the best news is that she has sold her old place.

I didn't get much art done, but did manage to do a self portrait. It is a little rough, but then I drew it with the pad on my lap and a small mirror on the end table in Mom's old house. I think it looks a bit like me.

The Fall color was stunningly beautiful and I had my camera, but I was always too busy to stop and take pictures. I'm angry at myself for that, but I feel really good about all I was able to accomplish while there.

This picture from last Fall will have to do for the Photo of the Day. I sure hope you don't mind. It isn't much, but has lovely color.

I am hoping to get back into my routine soon. For today, I am hoping to get on the treadmill, catch up on the newspaper, unpack and spend some quality time with the hubster.

I have my watercolor class tomorrow and have added a bit to my latest work in progress that I already shared here last week. I am also hoping to do more work on the heron background.

I've missed you and my art, but really enjoyed being a part of the big move with Mom. She is a lot of fun.



  1. Welcome home! I'm so happy about your mom's successful move. Your self portrait does, indeed, look very much like you - well done! The photo is beautiful, as are all of your pics. hugs, nancy

  2. Glad you're home even tho' a bit bumped up and stiff. Nice that your mom has a nice place and already knows people there. That's always a plus. Moves can be difficult for older people sometimes, others love the adventure of something new.

    The photo is's the one (and only)thing I loved about living in MI...the fall colors, the crisp feel in the air, burning leaves. I had many oaks in my yard and several maples, all lovely in fall dress.

    I've only seen one photo of you, the one with Cheap Joe at the best I can recall your drawing is a good likeness. This is one thing I've never attempted. I detest having my photo taken.

    Let us hear about the art class and show us any progress made on the paintings you've started.

  3. I'm glad you had that time with your Mom. It sounds like you were a big help with all the moving and rearranging. The photo of the day is so "Michigan." And that's a definite compliment.

  4. Welcome Home! Take some quiet time with your pencil and Hubster. Do a Zentangle. At least sit down and breath. Be at peace you are home. Enjoy!

    Sherrie Roberts

  5. Your photo is so peaceful you wouldn't know how busy you were, I'm sure your mum appreciated the help and company!

  6. Phew! Sounds exhausting, but I'm glad she's all settled. Sweet self portrait too :-)

  7. Welcome home, Vicki! I think you've a nice start to your self-portrait and the photo is beautiful, even if it is from last year!