Monday, November 21, 2011

And So It Goes

I was heartened by the better connection I am getting with the new AT&T device that I decided to upload pix to my laptop and post to my blog with updates to my sketching and watercolor. The card reader wouldn't read the card from my point and shoot camera (I usually just load it right into my desktop computer bypassing the card reader), so I retook the pix using my SLR camera whose pictures are always read by the card reader - no luck this morning.

So, I am able to read the blogs to which I subscribe and have even been able to leave a few comments, but I still have no way to load pictures. I will keep trying and will try to keep doing art.

This week is extremely busy getting ready for Thanksgiving. We are expecting between 12 and 15 people for dinner. I may have Miss M and Miss P all day Wednesday and overnight on Thursday and perhaps overnight on Friday as well. Their Mom, who works at Toys 'R Us is scheduled for 8 AM to 10 PM on Friday.

I have been reading dozens of good books and trying to stay upbeat in the face of technological failures seemingly on all sides. The hubster is getting better and has given up the crutches. He is still going to physical therapy and is making strides.

I hope you are having fun planning for the holidays and that you will have loved ones around and will keep the stress to the minimum.



  1. Sometimes there are updates to the camera and therefore the reader. Check out the website for the type of camera you have and see if there are updates that you have to download and update your software. That might help. I know how frustrating that can be!

  2. well, I can't help you with your camera or computer problems, but I can offer moral support. Hang in there, it will get better. Feel better yet? No, I didn't think so. hugs, nancy

  3. aw Vicki sorry to hear about your computer troubles. Maybe there is software update or trouble with the card reader? Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope you can relax over the holiday weekend. Looking forward to seeing your work soon!